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  1. ShadowfireOmega

    Possible to make 'DLC' or updates for games?

    Is it possible to make expansion packs or patches for RPG Maker MV games, or would you have to basically re-release the game and have players re-download it?
  2. ShadowfireOmega

    Changing actors names w/o needing their current name?

    I'm working on a character creation sequence, and I have about 95 seperate actors to choose from, however I forgot to put the rename function at the end of each branch, and copy/paste/editing then all will be a pain, is there a way to rename an actor based on what actor triggers the event?
  3. ShadowfireOmega

    Either/or item dropping?

    Is there a way to make an enemy drop one item most of the time, and another rarely, but if the rare drop happens it absolutely does not drop the common one? e.g.: Opponent is a unicorn, 3/4 times defeating it will yield a broken unicorn horn, 1/4 of the time it will yield an intact unicorn...
  4. ShadowfireOmega

    How to change certain tiles without changing tilesets?

    I would like to have a variety of buildings added to a town map after the players complete the  prerequisites to building them, but I cannot figure out how to do this. An idea I had was to use events to switch between a blank image and the different parts of the building (wall, roof, etc) but...
  5. ShadowfireOmega

    1.2.0 DPI Scaling?

    Hello all, upon reading the 1.2.0 update post and finding "Implemented editor DPI scaling on Windows", I downloaded and installed the update, but my font is still very small for my resolution, is there a setting I have to change to implement this on my client?
  6. ShadowfireOmega

    Include Tileset A in event images?

    I noticed you can put any image from the second and third tabs of a tileset as the image for the event, is there a way to include the first tab of images as well?
  7. ShadowfireOmega

    Way to make an event "sparkle"?

    Is it possible to make the square an event is in sparkle? I want to do this to draw players to the event.
  8. ShadowfireOmega

    Thorns state/plugin?

    I've looked around a bit but I'm not having much luck in finding a thorns state or plugin, anyone know one? For those that don't know: thorns is an ability that, when active, deals damage to anyone attacking the one with the effect.
  9. ShadowfireOmega

    How do you put enemy names in skill text?

    I would like to make my abilities state whom they are being used on, is there a variable I can place in the text to state the target?
  10. ShadowfireOmega

    Possible to remove basic attack altogether?

    I have no real use for the normal attack option, is there a way to disable it completely?
  11. ShadowfireOmega

    Questions about traits, events, currency and xp curves.

    Q:Can an event add/remove an actor trait? Explanation: I'm messing around with making a trainer that will allow the player to pay in order to be able to use new weapons, like the wizard wants to take up the sword, or the archer wanting to learn to use a wand. Q: Is it possible to set specific...
  12. ShadowfireOmega

    Possible to make skill trees?

    Hello everyone! I just received RPG Maker MV for the holidays, and I started using it earlier this morning. I would like to know if there is a way to make skill trees in this program, or at least abilities that have one or more dependancies before their use (eg. flaming sword needs fire magic...

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