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  1. Crosszeria

    Yami - Hanzos Script Help

    I'm finding this annoyingly difficult to understand. I've been trying to use Hanzo's script for creating layers. I've followed all the tutorials, but my Win 7 isn't letting me view Hanzo's demo... Problem is, that tells you how to do it. If anyone uses Hanzo's, or Yami's script... Please let...
  2. Crosszeria

    Re-Sizing Tile Menu & Tiles Cut Off

    Hi every1. I could just be ******ed... But I can't seem to find a way to re-size the tile window. (If at all possible) And by tile window I mean on the left side of your "map" where all the tiles are. I've also downloaded some tiles online and when I upload it, it's all fine... However, when...

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