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  1. Trianglon

    RPG Maker VX Ace crashes when loading game

    So I have the Steam version of RPG Maker VX Ace and I got a new computer that I haven't used RPG Maker on before now (both my old and new computer are Windows 10 but the new one has better specs). Anyways, when I try to open my game project that I've been working on for years now it just crashes...
  2. Trianglon

    Ship from Overworld Event?

    Ok, I'm trying to do something interesting in a game I'm working on and I managed to figure out about half of it on my own but I need some help with it. Here's what I'm trying to do: The new project I'm working on has a lot of sea travel so what I want to do is, at any time while you're on...
  3. Trianglon

    Swimsuit Sprites

    I'm looking for sprites of girls in swimsuits for RPG Maker VX Ace for a beach/water park stage. The only real option available is making a character with no clothes with the underwear kinda looking like a bikini but there's no other options and they would all look the same. Thank you!
  4. Trianglon

    Self inflicted status ailments?

    I'm looking for a way to have a certain actor (or even a piece of armor if I have to) have a certain chance of inflicting said actor with a status. Thank you.
  5. Trianglon

    Copy/Paste Multiple Maps

    I noticed that when I tried to copy more than one map at a time (usually done by holding Shift and clicking on them) that the program wouldn't let me. Is there a way to copy/paste multiple map files at a time? Thank you!  :)
  6. Trianglon

    Character/Class exclusive items?

    How do you make an item (not a weapon or armor, an item) that only a specific character or class can use? Thanks!
  7. Trianglon

    Weird Crashing Bug

    I'm working on a game now and, for some reason, at a certain part it crashes and gives this error message "Unable to find file: Data/Map119.rvdata2" I didn't delete anything in the data folder and for some reason, when I playtest it, nothing happens but when my friends playtest it, they get...
  8. Trianglon

    Adventure Gaiden: The Path of Light

      Hey guys, I'm not a regular user of the forums (usually i'm only on here for technical help) and I've been working on this RPG for about 9 months and it's ready to be playable. So far, only a few close friends and myself have played it but it's still in a working beta right now. What I really...
  9. Trianglon

    How to lock a party member?

    In the game I'm working on, I want it so that once you get a certain character, she is set to the first position and can't be changed. Is there a way to do that? Thank you!
  10. Trianglon

    Creating "Forms" with Skills?

    I'm trying to make it so characters can have "Forms" with skills that they can only use within those skills. For example, i'm working a "Cursed Form" and then a move called "Behemoth" that can only be used while Cursed Form is activated. How can I do that? Thanks!

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