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  1. Lunaros Silvero

    Need a Skilled Artist

    I am looking for an artist, or artists to help me with my project that I am currently on. What I require is a number of Busts with matching sprites for I would say around 6 - 12 characters. Since this is a big workload, I am looking for a commited individual/s who will be willing to take on this...
  2. Lunaros Silvero

    Enemies fighting each other?

    Hi there, I'm just starting a new game and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to make enemies attack each other. Example, a rat and a spider are in the same troop, when the rat reaches  maybe about 20%hp the spider uses a devour attack which makes it eat the rat, regain hp and...

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making my first game is like trying to stuff all my experience with old games into one
so its slow and painful when i dont get it right... i bet the next game is gonna be finished earlier!
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Finally, I got a good Gmail message [from smg5urded]
"This game does look a bit plain, but, I'm sure this does not destroy the experience as a whole. Monsters fit your style of game-play, mapping looks crude but I'm sure you can make it better if you do a remake of Forgotten Eclipse"

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