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  1. How to make something loop until any button is pressed (or space)

    I've already seen this topic: But is there any way to make it so that the button input can be any button? I need it to feel natural, so it must be able to adapt to however the player is...
  2. How old were you when you made your first game?

    Hello everyone. The more times passes, the more I realize Game Design is a very complicated business. It must take years to really become great at it, and practice is slower than someone like drawing since it takes longer to make a  game than it does a picture. I speak from experience, as I have...

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I finally decide, after several ppl asking me to, to create a gamethread about project M... And my internet craps out on me halfway through the process :(
making my first game is like trying to stuff all my experience with old games into one
so its slow and painful when i dont get it right... i bet the next game is gonna be finished earlier!
When you don't find any time to work... :kaocry:
First Ten Minutes of my Caretaker inspired game

Finally, I got a good Gmail message [from smg5urded]
"This game does look a bit plain, but, I'm sure this does not destroy the experience as a whole. Monsters fit your style of game-play, mapping looks crude but I'm sure you can make it better if you do a remake of Forgotten Eclipse"

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