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  1. noelburgundy27

    Need Help for what you call TP Shield

    Hi guys! I could use your advise. I'm working on a TP Guard System. Problem is, I'm at a loss for how to go about it. I'm building it from scratch and borrowing methods from the core mv scripts. What I have so far is this: It's a small script based on my VX Ace version. But with how...
  2. noelburgundy27

    I Need Help Converting a Few Simple VX Ace plugins for MV

    Trust me, the form of the scripts themselves are kinda easy, but re-discovering JS is kind of making my head go bonkers when I've worked with RGSS3 for so long. Anyways! I have trouble trying to figure out how to convert RGSS3 to JS for MV without a better idea of the structure for the engine...
  3. noelburgundy27

    Looking for a Specific Sideview Battler Set

    So in this video, there was a very pretty multi-frame sideview hero battler for Ralph. I've been trying to hunt it down but to no luck. Does anyone know where I can get it? Or maybe you know the artist and/or their thread so I can peruse their work? For those who can't see it, it's the old...
  4. noelburgundy27

    Macky Plays - The Calimack Let's Plays

    THE CALIFORNIA MACKY   So I decided I'd go and begin Let's Plays of a few games. I'm still building banners and stuff, but yeah. I'll do let's Plays and Let's Reads. I'll post links to my channel once I have RPG Maker vids uploaded. I'll be making a few short episodes of some of the games in...
  5. noelburgundy27

    Class-Specific TP Regen

    Class-Specific TP Regen script by California Macky (that's me!) This script allows you to have specific classes charge TP per turn, like what rogues and thieves do in various other RPGs. Instructions are in the script itself, though I wouldn't advise using it with my Tactics Ogre MP-TP Battle...
  6. noelburgundy27

    Declare a NEW global variable (RGSS3)

    How do you go about declaring a new global variable for a script to be Above Main and Below Materials? I'm working on a script and felt like the best way to go about it was using a global variable, but I'm not sure if I should set up like a pre-set value like... $SAMPLE = 0module Something...
  7. noelburgundy27

    How Do You Make A Signature?

    Hi, I just want to ask how you people all get your fancy signatures full of helpful links. It would help with my SEO and stuff. Do you have to meet a requirement of sorts?  
  8. noelburgundy27

    Tactics Ogre MP/TP Regeneration Battle

    Tactics Ogre MP Battle v 1.0a    Script by California Macky a.k.a. Neil a.k.a. mackintosh a.k.a. noelburgundy27   Description:   Replicates Tactics Ogre (Let Us Cling Together) MP and TP  Mechanics, where you start out with zero MP and/or TP, which you slowly gain per turn. That means no one can...
  9. noelburgundy27

    Happy Party Script (Party has same EXP)

    Singular Party EXP This script changes the way the EXP is handled. A specified game variable (Variable 001 by default), will be designated to hold the EXP value. Each character will have the same EXP points as that variable, allowing for a singular Party EXP. Functions such as EXP Rate will be...
  10. noelburgundy27

    Yanfly's SKill Cost Manager (custom cost help) Yanfly's Skill Cost Manager uses a tag <custom cost: |string|> which displays the new string as the cost. I have a skill whose cost is dependent on character's level: self.level * 3 If I type that in the cost...

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