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  1. SinのAria

    Can't post replies in Classified section?

    Wondering if there is a reason I can't post replies in the classified section?
  2. SinのAria

    RMMV IGMC time with AI Sin

    A few things: Ok, so later today and whenever I have time after, I will be doing LQ streaming a bit of IGMC entries (less as a player and more as QA). Obviously, those that wiped their entries might not be shown if I deleted the file already. I'm not putting a link to my youtube here. Go on...
  3. SinのAria

    Will we be able to program the software?

    Right now, you can redo Ace and at least to some extent, MV to make it work to make VNs with RPG elements. Will you be able to make VNM work to make RPGs with VN elements or VN with RPG elements? And minigames. I'm a huge fan of Kinetic Novels and Novels with Choices and Sound Novels...
  4. SinのAria

    Can you import/export to MV/VX Ace/etc.?

    I was wondering, if I make a project with this, would there later be the ability to import to the PC version? Or vice versa? (Even if some things would need to be cut depending on the direction of the import and the premium level, it would be nice to be able to do a little work on a project...
  5. SinのAria

    Instead of getting stronger, you get weaker

    So, one of my projects essentially has it where you are fairly strong at the start already, but shortly after the start, you end up getting an insane amount of power. Now, you can actually choose to keep all of your powers (this is actually canon in that particular game), but you can also choose...
  6. SinのAria

    When trying to stream with OBS, having an issue

    When I try to do window mode capture on RPG Maker (the editor) (since that is what works with my pc), it won't display the proper graphics. Instead, it ends up showing the obs menu. My workaround for this was to show the display instead, but I was hoping for a better solution. No other game...
  7. SinのAria

    Side battlers lack support?

    It seems like most of the enemies are in front view instead of side view. Considering that this was supposed to support side view, I wonder if that was an oversight or if there were files I need to copy over. Also, it would be great if the character creator had some more villain options and...
  8. SinのAria

    ilychron: Second Fate

    A story of finding lost friends: Follow several adventurers as they go to save the world and find their lost friends. This is mostly a text story in a fantasy world with very little actual combat. Includes the First Fate. (Technically, this still part of the first fate, but it is called...

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