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  1. DaveTheArakin

    Copyrighted monsters from other settings

    I was drawing a boss that is essentially a gelatinous cube from Dungeon and Dragon. Which got me thinking, is this a copyright issue? The drawing is my own, with only the creature from DnD being a inspiration and reference point. And I don't even plan to call it by the same name. Which also got...
  2. DaveTheArakin

    Questions about custom SV battlers

    I want to try and draw my own custom SV-battlers, the ones that the player control. Before I decide to follow through on it, I want to ask if there is any pitfalls or image adjustment that I need to be aware of? My current objective is to create SV-Battlers that aren't chibi looking. Can I...
  3. DaveTheArakin

    Transfering back to the same location in World Map

    So I am trying to create this feature where the player use an item that teleport them to a camp map. That part works. But when the player leaves, I want them to teleport back to the world map spot where they used the item. Is that possible? If so, how can I do it?
  4. DaveTheArakin

    Creating Camp Fire

    I seem to have a very difficult time creating campfire effect. I am using Terra Light Plugin, but it darkens the whole map except the spot you are on. I just want to create a spot where there is a natural fire light while the rest stays natural tint dark. Basically, I just want to make a...
  5. DaveTheArakin

    Just wanted to share a little thought.

    So I have been spending every day since I got MV making my game. I gotta say, MV is a lot more accessible and easier to use than VX Ace. I can finally make the game and the story that I want to tell. My game is coming together quite nicely. I really enjoy writing about the world, characters...
  6. DaveTheArakin

    Events that reacts to followers

    Hi there. So I decided to try and experiment on some events while I make my first game. I am wondering if it is possible to make an event that only triggers if a specific follower is in the party. For example, while wandering in a town, the player touch a spot and the event happens. But I...
  7. DaveTheArakin

    Hi there

    Hello I recently brought RPG Maker MV on Steam and I have experience using VX Ace. I am not a good programmer but I have some basic knowledge about coding since I used to study Computer Science. I am mostly making games for fun and to make my imagination come alive. Anyway, a pleasure to meet...

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The worst part about making custom stuff is, I can't really ask any of you why a second copy of the character randomly appears only when going SW, S, or SE and changing directions. Been bugging me for the last two days. On the plus side, look at the new random map pieces I made while thinking about it.:LZSexcite:
RPG Maker News #11 | Mech Battlers, Angels of Death on Console, New MZ Plugins & Music Packs

forgot I drew Riley's message bust ages ago. They might be one of the most unique characters in the game so far.
37 years old...
What hath possessed me to start rapping, Lloyd only knows.

I think the worst part is, I am actually really good...

no... actually, the worst part is writing a song about bum rushing Gandalf to stop Frodo...
I don't even listen to rap.
Just finished v0.1 of FOSSIL. It's a plugin that lets you use MV plugins in MZ without editing them by making them use new functions.

I have about 40 plugins tested and working so far (including chrono engine and some other big ones). I hope that the community will pitch in and help improve it, so we can use all the old plugins in MZ. :)

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