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    Have I reached a character/image limit?

    My last two resource releases I've not been able to update my main topic with the thumbnails and links to the full images. The error message that I receive is general oops something went wrong. The only thing I can think of it being is I've passed a topic size limit.
  2. Holder

    MV / MZ Battler sheet flexibility?

    I'm looking to reformat/duplicate my battlers into the Default MV/MZ layout. However there's some issues I'm finding that put me off initially from doing these. The 18 poses that are within the default layout has a number of poses which I feel are redundant to many custom made characters...
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    Since the RPG Maker MZ uses Effekseer as a tool for creating animations I thought I'd start this topic (If there is eventually an official forum created for this then please feel free to close this topic). I've never heard of this program before and never even created many particle animations...
  4. Holder

    Can't inset image from url

    I get the oops something went wrong promt when I try to insert an image into a post via url. Tried a few different ways to do this. With and without 'https://' Is this known and is part of the forum update. EDIT: Thanks if something was done behind the scenes but it's working fine now.
  5. Holder

    Sprite_Battler alteration to stop semi transparency

    I'm after a bit of help, I've set up a quick project using DerVVulfmans Animated Battlers script for RM XP, just for me to look at and test my battlers as I'm working on creating them. The problem isn't with DerVVulfmans Animated Battlers script, it's within the default Sprite_Battler. After a...
  6. Holder

    Your 1st in game boss battle?

    Curiously wondering what's your first boss battle you have within your game? Do you go for the big Wasp/Bee and large Slime? How do you switch it up to grab the players attention to show them it's a big step up and not just their usual battle but with a new creature?
  7. Holder

    Holders Animated Battlers MV

    I've been searching around trying to update my scripts list for animatedbattlers.wordpress and I've not seen any scripts for MV to let people use my battlers with that engine. Is there a script out there that I've been overlooking? I know there's once again in RM a built in side-view battle...
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    It's been a while.

    Greetings everyone, it feels like it's been years and well it has been. Don't know how many members here may remember me or if any really. Anyway I've just been sprinting again recently after getting my old PC up and running, and looking through my old battler sprites. Not sure what kind of...
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    It's been a while :) hey everyone. Been looking into MV and how things work, obviously the battler setup caught my attention and it's got some odd pose choices. Hope all's been well.
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    Hey everyone

    Thought it best to say hi. Been a while since I've been able to sit down and do anything RM wise, funny how it's like drawing in which if you've not done any for a while it's like you've forgotten how. Anyway, hi  :razz:
  11. Holder

    Animated Battlers Workshop

    Holders Animated Battlers Workshop Closed   Decided to make what people want and the best (and only) way I can do that is to open this workshop. This can either go one way or the other, so let's give it a go. I will try to work quicker on requests but this may impact on how they look, I don't...
  12. Holder

    Gallery contact

    Just curious as I know it's not checked much but who do I speak to with approval for images within the gallery? I'm just wondering what group or individual has moderation of that in their CP, not asking because of any duration of time it's been since I put them there, it's just that certain...
  13. Holder

    Holders Battlebacks

    Holders Battlebacks Please click each thumbnail for the full Animated Battler XP, VX, VXAce sheet. Terms of use Please check the new terms of use at my blog. Happy Christmas everyone, this may just be a few variations of a grass field but it took quite some time to get right. This is also the...
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    Making a .swf from .wmv

    An odd request but I couldn't do this myself and yeah it's nothing RM related. I have a small looping .wmv video and I'd like it as a .swf for a screensaver. Yeah it might sound stupid for me wanting a screensaver but I still like them even if it's not for the need but for what they are.  ...
  15. Holder

    Holders Material

    Holders Material Terms of use   VX / VX Ace Characters VX / VX Ace Portraits VX / VX Ace Facesets *New* Battlebacks (More selection within the Gallery) *New* Battle Animations Ace Generator Parts Templates Cover Art Stock These are 100% unofficial cover art images...
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    Gallery dimension limit

    I hate to do this but it's a bump. If the actual size limit isn't wanting to be disclosed for any reason that's fine but it'd be nice to know if it is ever going to be increased (placed my largest image size so far in the initial post).
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    Holders Animated Battlers

    Holders Animated Battlers Terms of Use Click on each thumbnail for full sheet. Complete Templates Job Class Templates Job Class Weapons (Matching Job class template) Weapon sets coming soon as pack download. Animated Battlers Material Screenshots Download packs *4 Frame...

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