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  1. SilverShay

    Luna Engine Tutorial + Freebie

    Hey @Archeia the download for the tutorial doesn't work anymore. Can you reupload it please? thanks
  2. SilverShay

    Averys Ace-Stuff

    Hey @Avery, Can you please reupload the Joan of arc set i can only see 1 pic of the whole set? Thanks
  3. SilverShay

    Creating Class System (RPG MAKER VX ACE)

    First of all, thanks for taking some time reading my request. I recently started creating a game with RPG MAKER VX ACE. i like the style better then the new MV. I'm trying to create a class system where you first start at the first class (apprentice), at a certain lv you can choose out of 3...
  4. SilverShay

    rpgmaker vx ace runtime error

    I tried numerous possible ways i found through the internet to solve this and still it won't work. If a game does work it works fine until i have to fight. I tried to reinstall the RTP, the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 v14.0.23026, even tried an older version, ... . So please if someone knows how...

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