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  1. nox24

    [Help] Disabling help text when selecting command.

    I would like to disable the text showing "Use a Physical Skill." Do I need a plugin for it? Or is it doable with the base engine. Plugins in use:
  2. nox24

    SOLVED: Help with displaying custom parameters on yanfly equipcore

    I'm using custom parameters and I've managed to display them on the status screen using StatusMenuCore, but I can't for the life of me do the same to the equip screen, which is crucial for the game I'm making as it's going to be dependent on equipment for stats. In the above picture I managed...
  3. nox24

    SOLVED: Aloe Guvner's Menu Parameter Control and Yanfly menus

    Hello, I'd like to ask for help with making menu parameter control remove some of the stats in yanfly menus. I've managed to remove m.def and luk from the equip screens, but no matter what I do, I can't remove them from the status screen. I've seen a thread here with the same problem. Link to...

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