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  1. Common Event - Skill help

    I want to setup a skill, that if the actor that has it, is at full HP, then the skill will go off at the start of each battle turn. If the actor isn't, then it doesn't work.  I can't figure out how to get it to check if the actor is at full HP or not.
  2. Simple Threat Based Request

    I do believe I need a plugin to do this, so I am request one. I hope it's not too hard to do. I have created a custom parameter called "Threat". This parameter is increased/decreased by a flat # via skills, items, etc. what i need a plugin to do is take that custom parameter and use it with...
  3. Yanfly Engine - Stat Upgrade Help

    Yanfly posted this video on how to upgrade stat: In it, you use this code to do it: <Learn Cost Eval> user._paramPlus[0] += 500; user.forgetSkill(844); user.refresh(); </Learn Cost Eval>   I am guessing the paramPlus(#) is the parameters ...
  4. Monster Types and Skills

    I would like to setup different monster types and have skills that effect then. An example: Giant Killer, does more damage if the target is a giant. Does normal attack dmg, if target isn't. An Example: Steal Coins: Only works on humanoid targets, anything else gives message no coins to steal...
  5. Custom Inn Help

    Hello! I was wanting to setup an Inn that has it like the plugin: YED Hospital, where 1g = 1 hp restored and 1g = 1 mp restored. So for each point of hp and mp lost increases the cost of staying at the Inn. Also would be nice, if it didn't "cure" certain status effects. (might have to plugin...
  6. Need some skill support

    Hello! I am tring to setup a few skills and need some help. Skill only effect target if they are effected by a certain status effect. Like lets say, if the target is poisoned, then when you do this skill it will inflect damage. If the target does not have the status effect, it does nothing...
  7. Help! Asagi's Gun License

    Tring to set it up so that the bow weapon will consume arrows.  as it stands right now, arrows show up in inventory, the Rhand is showing that its setup for ammo. But I cannot equip arrows to that slot. I have no clue what I am doing wrong. Maybe I am not understanding the directions...
  8. Light Help / Galv's Visibility Range

    I am wanting to setup where the following happens: Torch (item) increase the range, but only for a sort time. Light (spell) same as torch but lasts a little longer)
  9. Event/Encounter Help

    I have a event setup, so when the player touches it he enters combat. Once it's over, it becomes inactive. What I am tring to do, or would like to do. Is set it up, so that it randomly picks between 1-5 different battles. Once it's over, it becomes inactive, and will become reactive after lets...
  10. Yanfly Menu - Individual Actor Windows

    been tring to get each actor their own individual windows. Found a four part tutorial online that shows how to make your own custom menu, but the last few tutorials need to finish the writer isn't going to finish. Have tried to apply that knowledge to this script and get the individual actor...
  11. Background color help? maybe?

    Not sure if about this, if it's script related, or not. but I have an area in one of my windows that is showing a dark brown background color in rows. I think it looks really good and I would like to copy that over onto other areas of the same window and into new windows, but for the life of me...
  12. EST - ENEMY POSITION help!

    I was wanting a script that would not only allow me to change the formation of my party, but also allow me to setup enemies into rows and add support for both player and enemy skills. I went with this script because it looks like it can do someone of that. The problem that I am having is the...
  13. Custom Parameters Class base not Actor

    Hello, I am using the following script to add custom parameters, but they are actor base and I would really like it to be class base. So I the parameters will be different base on which class is selected. Can anyone help me change from actor to class base...

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