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  1. zaxwlyde

    RMMV Tales of the Fallen

    Tales of the Fallen Find your story in this unforgiving universe. Life is a fragile concept. Wrought with despair, abundant in struggle, and rife with conflict. Such is a slog through the sea of darkness in search of a feeble speck of light. We were created long ago, the 'Keepers' of stories...
  2. zaxwlyde

    RMMV Tales of the Fallen - Volume I (Commercial Project)

    Hello, Everyone! I'd like to discuss a project I've recently put into pre-production, though it is far too early for anything properly 'showable'. It's an immersive adventure title tentatively named Tales of the Fallen. Conceptualized in early May, and put into pre-production on the 1st of...
  3. zaxwlyde

    Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse (First music piece released publicly!)

      FIRST SOUNDTRACK PIECE REVEALED! AURORA BEACH! LINK BELOW!   Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse is a Fantasy-RPG reminiscent of the old school Final Fantasy games.   The title is...
  4. zaxwlyde

    Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse

      Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse will be a commercial title developed using RPG Maker MV.   Target Gameplay Hours = 80+ Target Level of Replayability = High Genre = Fantasy-RPG Combat-System = Turn-Based       Hi! We're a team known...

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Definitely glad I haven't released a few of my plugins that are technically done. As I learn more, I find ways to make my code more efficient, and in one case so far, discovered an existing function that did EXACTLY what I created my own function to do.
So I was kinda recommended a manga to learn a few drawing tips, I dunno if it will actually work, but I'm liking the story lol
RPG Maker News #12 | Control Zooming, Customize Bush Effect, Causality & Happy Bones on Steam
Episode 16 let's go! We're making an RPG in RPG Maker MZ! This week... even more mapping, we're almost done with all the mapping for our first dungeon!

I have big news. I just got hired at a Mexican restaurant! They're like Chipotle but a bit different... and my job will be taking orders some days, delivering food other days, and of course, making customers happy. My orientation is on Tuesday. Once I start, I might disappear from here sometimes, but I'll always try to come back!

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