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  1. Tobiasu

    Reset a specific actor's data(level,skills,equips,exp,etc.) by script call

    hello guys! I know there's a script call: $game_actors = that can reset their settings in actor's database but this script call resets all actor's data I just wondering if it's possible to reset a specific actors only thanks!
  2. Tobiasu

    Variable equal to party's total level

    hello community! I'm trying to make Etrian Odyssey remake in VX Ace but I'm having trouble in Inn event I want to make the variable equal to party's total level because the cost of staying at the Inn on that game is party's total level x 2 (but I think it's the 1st 4 members' total level only)...
  3. Tobiasu

    disable\enable party leader by switch

    hello everyone! I need a little help again! so, there's a script that can disable switching the party leader here it is: # Disallows changing formation of first actor # # Plug n Play # class Scene_Menu < Scene_MenuBase   alias csca_snippets_on_formation_ok on_formation_ok   def...
  4. Tobiasu

    help! adjusting party size by script call

    hello everyone! I know how to adjust the party size in script editor by editing this in Game_Party def max_battle_members     return 4 - changing 4 to 3 or how many do you like   end   but I want to know how to change that using a script call is it possible?   I just want to reduce...
  5. Tobiasu

    hello everyone!

    it's been a month and a half since I've joined this forum but I haven't introduced myself yet! the reason is I don't know how to post! I only learn how to post here a couple of days ago! well, My Name is Ace Ming I started to discover this thing by downloading and playing Hentai Japanese...

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