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  1. Scaling down images

    Is there an app or plug in that scales down images without ruining it? I draw stuff, then I scan them, so I get high resolution images, and I want to make them sprites, are there ways to do this?
  2. Galv's character frame plug in

    Hey guys, so I have a problem with this plug in, I was wondering what's wrong with it, maybe from a syntax? Can you help me out? Here's my spritesheet, I also used his diagonal movement plug in, which is working.
  3. Sprites aren't working (YED) The YED side view battler plug in I've updated the link, and the note tag that i used, still not working though, I've tried copying archeia's format in another post. <Sideview Battler...
  4. Sprites aren't working

    So i've been trying to use the YED sideview battler plug in, and test out if it works, but i can't seem to show my sprites, they say this plug in ain't outdated yet so i was thinking I'm doing something wrong here, so here's my note tag and my sprite, please do help me out,if there's already a...

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Definitely glad I haven't released a few of my plugins that are technically done. As I learn more, I find ways to make my code more efficient, and in one case so far, discovered an existing function that did EXACTLY what I created my own function to do.
So I was kinda recommended a manga to learn a few drawing tips, I dunno if it will actually work, but I'm liking the story lol
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Episode 16 let's go! We're making an RPG in RPG Maker MZ! This week... even more mapping, we're almost done with all the mapping for our first dungeon!

I have big news. I just got hired at a Mexican restaurant! They're like Chipotle but a bit different... and my job will be taking orders some days, delivering food other days, and of course, making customers happy. My orientation is on Tuesday. Once I start, I might disappear from here sometimes, but I'll always try to come back!

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