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  1. lunarrosecrow

    Dual Campaigns?

    So I was wondering is there a way to give a game a dual campaign I'm making a kind of dating sim but instead of making 2 different games or stories for male and female, I was wondering if it is possible to have a sorta character swap on the click of a button to swap between characters at any...
  2. lunarrosecrow

    Female Shaolin Outfit MV

    Hello, I'm looking for a Female Shaolin monk uniform for RPG Maker MV for the TV and SV of this type of outfit. (If it is in a DLC pack that can be purchased instead please link it I have no problem purchasing pieces).
  3. lunarrosecrow

    Weird Head piece

    So a friend came by and I lent him an old flash drive I had with some old work and he pointed out on one of my faces I had a weird headpiece that wasn't in my old generator now I recognize the headpiece but don't remember where I got it from does anyone know who made the piece
  4. lunarrosecrow

    A Very Weird Weapon Request

    I know this is gonna sound dumb cause this isn't really a weapon but has anyone made SV Weapons of... a handheld Vaccume now before you laugh at me I'm making a ghostbuster rip-off character and need one as her weapon okay don't judge. Need it for RPG Maker MV
  5. lunarrosecrow

    Looking For Creator Of This Piece

    Need To Find Creator of this generator piece to give credit and redownload it missing half the SV anyone know who made this?
  6. lunarrosecrow

    Leather Jacket or Veil

    Does anyone have a Face Veil, Leather Jacket for TV, and SV as an accessory for RPG Maker MV?
  7. lunarrosecrow

    Refind Facial Mark Rar

    So I'm looking for a post that the artist made a lot of awesome facial marks like the ones you see now but can't find it does someone have it bookmarks so I can go get it again
  8. lunarrosecrow

    Tilesets Request

    Making a game with different realms and was wondering if these tilesets exist not asking anyone to make them if they aren't around I'll make do without them do these exist? - A Cloud kingdom or cloud heaven tilesets - Gold Tilesets for Aztec or golden temple - Chinese Tileset - Cosmic and...
  9. lunarrosecrow

    Game Questions

    Umm, I didn't know where to post this (as in category) so I'll place it here if I'm wrong moderators, please forgive me and change it so I'm not in the wrong thank you. Now on to the questions, I am currently developing 2 games at the moment and was wondering if anyone could help with just some...
  10. lunarrosecrow

    Cyclops Body Set

    I recently saw a one-eyed Eyeclops Body but had to restart my Generator was wondering if anyone had a link to it RPG Maker MV: Really only need the TV and SV does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  11. lunarrosecrow

    Hoodieless Clothing 23 and Apron

    Hello, I was wondering does anyone have or is there a version of the default Clothing 23 without the hoodie? I'm talking about this one here Also was wondering does anyone have an Apron as an accessory maybe a AccA or AccB like or like this ? For RPG Maker MV for the apron looking for...
  12. lunarrosecrow

    Modern Clothing

    There was a staff post where they gave out a bunch of modern generator pieces for RPG Maker MV a while ago that had hoodies, military clothing and a bunch more does anyone have a link or a rare file I can't seem to find it anywhere
  13. lunarrosecrow

    Bunny Tail Request

    it's just as it sounds does anyone know where I can find a bunny tail RPG Maker MV
  14. lunarrosecrow

    How many characters in your opinion is enough

    So I'm making a game it doesn't have combat and if there is combat it is used mostly as a gag to make the player laugh so there isn't any need for party members outside of special events. It's centered around a few characters taking part in a sort of gameshow type of setting is the main...
  15. lunarrosecrow


    There was once this post that contained a generator piece with overalls in them I can't seem to find it on the forums or in the list. If anyone could link me to the post I'd gladly appreciate it.
  16. lunarrosecrow

    Looking For A Dress

    A long time ago there was a red shoulderless dress for females in the character generator but I can't seem to find the post does anyone know where the post is or does anyone have a copy of the resource? EDIT: I don't know who the artist is but if needed I can find somewhat of a picture that...
  17. lunarrosecrow

    Multiple Characters

    I was wondering is it possible to give the player the opinion to choose from multiple characters at the beginning of the game, I was thinking of doing this in an RPG I'm making or will it just be a coding nightmare. If I wasn't clear here's an example when you start the game there is an intro...
  18. lunarrosecrow

    Searching for Rear Hair

    So a long time ago when I just shifting around on the MV Resources Forum, there was a thread with a couple of Rear Hairs one of them looked similar to the hairstyle in the picture if you need a general understanding of what I'm talking about (Hope this picture is fine to be uploaded here) its...
  19. lunarrosecrow

    This Feels Awkward But... YO

    Yo everyone to whoever may be reading this, not really all that new to RPG Maker per say been here for about maybe 3 weeks. Been messing around with MV cause it peeks my interest the most. Mostly story designing, character development, the usual for your average bookworm. Coding is a new thing...
  20. lunarrosecrow

    Clothing Request

    Resource Type: Generator Clothing For RPG Maker MV So the main character of my game her race is based off the Elin from Tera Online if you've never head or played the game the picture of the character is exactly what she looks like just taller. Is there any clothing similar to that one in...

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