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  1. Szyu crafting system makes the game "unloadable"

    So I am using Szyu Crafting System on my project... But if I save the game with a crafting book on my inventory, I can't load that file any longer...this problem is happening in the demo of my game...I hope there is no problem in...
  2. RMVXA Phantea - An RPG without levels (Demo) (update 0.2.1 - 06/07/2019)

    So this is my first game is an explanation of how it works... The two most important things about this game is that: 1 - You don't level up, you don't earn experience or gold by fighting monsters. The only way to get stronger is by exploring and finding skills, crafting recipes...
  3. Can I post a demo for a rpg maker game here?

    I am working on a game, that is still in very early production...but I would like to post a demo for it, to see fi people like the idea and give me opinions...Can this forum be used for that? If so where can I post it?(I am using steam workshop to share it).
  4. How to make and event trigger if the charachter is already on top of it?

    Basically I am trying to make a lava geyser that damages the player when the lava is up...I managed to make the animation, and even it deals damage if the geyser is already up and I touch it...but if I am already on the geyser's way and THEN it triggers, the characters take no damage...It looks...

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