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  1. Boi

    \ʕ-ᴥ•ʔ Bits' Bust Boutique [ 0/2 slots open! ] ʕ•ᴥ-ʔ/

    Game Title: Stigma Character Name: Kiel Scarlotte Age: 24 Physical looks: Lightskin, stubble on chin, similar to Mugen from Samurai Champloo, evil looking blue eyes, eyebrow slit, black hair, pony tail and a bang on the left side of the head Traits + Personality: Alpha male, Kiel is...
  2. Boi

    Custom Music, Themes [Closed for Now]

    I love it! This might be stupid but how can I download this?
  3. Boi

    Custom Music, Themes [Closed for Now]

    Dude that's so sick I love it!
  4. Boi

    Available Music Workshop

    Lol exactly!! Thanks man!
  5. Boi

    Available Music Workshop

    1) Kiel Strikes Back ! 2) 2 Minuets 3) Main character theme song 4) The mood should set the player on edge for what bad ass thing the main character will do next EXAMPLE HERE YA GO 5) Metal step. Heavy metal/dubstep hybrid 6) Kiel is an a badass character, a swing first ask...
  6. Boi

    Christian Trivia Adventure Game

    Finally as Christian game! God bless you brother
  7. Boi

    Taking free pixel-art requests for your game!

    Do you do logos bro?
  8. Boi

    RPG Battle system

    Hey. I'm looking for a battle system MUCH more different from the usual front turn based battle, or side view battle, is there a battle system for RPG Maker vx Ace that is similar to this
  9. Boi

    Fancy Ferret's Logo Workshop

    Just a basic star would due then! Sorry for requesting incorrectly
  10. Boi

    Fancy Ferret's Logo Workshop

    Genre: Fantasy. (Takes place in a fantasy medieval times with some sci-fi) Game Title: STIGMA Style References: Final Fantasy type  Emphasis Elements: Give it a space like galaxy feel, and use this character concept art, without the eyepatch...
  11. Boi

    Custom Music, Themes [Closed for Now]

    1. Name of song: Kiel's Theme 2. Approximate expected length: 1:00 3. Final output format: Mp3 4. Examples:  5. Description of what the piece will be used for and what you'd like it to convey: The Theme song will be used for when the character either Enters the scene...
  12. Boi


    Yeah sure
  13. Boi


    Hey thanks so much please take your time!
  14. Boi

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    These are dope!
  15. Boi

    Crunch's Pixel Resources (Updated: 15/9/16 - Battlers)

    Yooooooo I would actually buy this pack!!!
  16. Boi


    File Type: mp3 Description: The music will be used for the main character's theme, a heavy metal styled song Preferred Instruments: Guitar, drums, bass Unwanted Instruments: Piano Loop: No Other Info : Please have fun, I will be patient! Keywords: Action packed, something that...
  17. Boi

    Reese's Logo Workshop | *Update* read the red text!

    ♦ Type: Fantasy ♦ Title Name: STIGMA ♦  Number of characters: 2 Male characters ♦ References: Male 1: (without eyepatch) Male 2: ♦ Font Style Preference: Medial, something that looks similar to dark souls or bloodborne...
  18. Boi

    Alo's Artsy Stuff

    Im very much interested
  19. Boi

    Ark of the Arts (Short Music Shop)

    Musical Type: Heavy rocky Theme: Uplifting, intense, battle,fight, heavy metal Description: For my protagonist, that will hype up the player when they hear the song come on, that's when they know the protagonist is about to do some major damage Feel: Like getting ready to destroy anything in...
  20. Boi

    Alo's Artsy Stuff

    Slot Three Form Reference/Detailed Description of Character: A light skin, medium built teenage male, long dark purple hair shoulder length, with a two braids hanging from the side of his head that are hidden under a lot more hair, the braids can be like extras, or even "bangs" hanging off...

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