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  1. cirnoe

    RMMV [CLOSED] Using SRD Title Command Customiser to call Yanfly Common Event menu help

    Hello! I'm trying to make a chapter select for my project and would like to add this function to the title screen using a common event using the (links on underline) SRD Title Command Customiser which allows you to call common events, but for some reason binding it to the common event does not...
  2. cirnoe

    [SOLVED]Help in adding a custom menu command (using plugin) into Yanfly's Main Menu Manager

    Hello! I am facing some difficulties in adding custom menu commands to yanfly's main menu manager. I need to use it because I want to omit certain menu elements. For context, I am using these three plugins together. YF Main Menu Manager , Kru Reputation System , MOG Scene Menu I haven't had...
  3. cirnoe

    (VX ACE) strange door duplication glitch when using Himeworks connected maps script

    Hello! I am using the following script by Himeworks ( here ) in order to connect two maps in my game. It works like a charm- except for some reason the door events in one of my maps duplicates to the other connected map. I know they are duplicates because one of them opens to transfer the...
  4. cirnoe

    Help with Galv's message backgrounds (EDIT: solved!)

    Hey guys! I am a complete noob so pardon the possibly stupid question. I copied this script by Galv to the letter to use my custom message boxes but the custom skin appears to be ABOVE the text as seen in the picture ( case you manage to decipher the text I'm just testing things lol don't...

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