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  1. Custom BGM wont play

    Thanks for replies :) Yes i tested it before converting. MP3, OGG and even M4A files were working normally in Media player, audacity and other music players. And yes its working in the game ( with 2-3 seconds delay - not good but working ) EDIT: I tried two different songs, downloaded via same...
  2. Custom BGM wont play

    Hi there, My custom music wont play in Editor and of course during TEST play. Here are my steps 1-Download music from Youtube with YTb to MP3 websites 2-Open Audacity, import Downloaded mp3 3-Export into OGG into my project folder / audio / bgm - save as Battle5.Ogg (for example) 4-Export into...
  3. DreamX random plugin Error - undefined is not a function

    Andar you are my hero! :D The thing is that i am using Original RPG MAKER at home (thank you halloween sales :D )which has as you said version 1.5.1 and the second MV maker in my work is non original one which is only 1.0.1 version. I couldnt use steam one (the original one) because Steam is...
  4. DreamX random plugin Error - undefined is not a function

    Hi there, I am using RPG MAKER MV version 1.0.1 and i am working on projects whole time in this version but when i used DreamX random prefixes suffixes plugin, game always stops with error as per attachments when i am opening chest containing a weapon I am not using basic items on any actors...
  5. Passive self damage

    Oh i understand now, my fault sorry :) Thats great! Finally my hero will be happy :D
  6. Passive self damage

    You are right, i can use simple command (i forgot thanks :) ) Effects->Add state-> Insane Mind 20% and add this Effect line into each skill this Class is using. But what about basic attack? i know that i can add same Effect line as above intoSkills->0001 Attack but that would mean that even...
  7. Passive self damage

    Hi there, So i tried it and i am doing soemthign wrong. I have created State "Insane mind" on position 0014 and i have added <Passive State: 14> into class note. At this time every battle my character starts as confused. So i put this into State notes <Custom Conclude Effect> var chance =...
  8. Condition Dual Wield

    Zarsla that formula looks fine just one small aspect i need to add. Is it possible to add another condition to this? Right now its If user is dual wield dmg +20% but problem is that i need to have this DMG boost only if user using Two swords, otherwise this bonus is applied even to unarmed...
  9. Condition Dual Wield

    Hi there, I am confused how to make condition which applies effect(DMG boost) only if character is dual wielding Example i would want to have: 1-Character has equipped 1 Sword = his basic attack + attack from weapon - THIS IS NORMAL STAT IN GAME 2- Character has equipped 2nd Sword into 2nd...
  10. Passive self damage

    Perfect!! I will try it as soon as i will get home. Thanks shockra you are awesome! :)
  11. Passive self damage

    Hi there, I have created a class which is very powerfull but for balance i would like to add lets say trait or passive skill which would have 20% chance to confuse hero after each skill or basic attack. Is it possible? Thanks :)

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