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  1. BigToastie


    Not many will know me, but after a very hectic 2017 (Bought a house with my then GF, we went to Florida and got engaged, adopted a dog and got a kitten, booked our wedding and that was all woven between both our jobs!) I finally have time again! So I am using it wisely... :)
  2. BigToastie

    Old Style MMO to New Players

    Thanks for the time to reply! I will get some screenshots up on this thread to give an idea of the style of game etc. as soon as I can... would help my questions as well to be honest! haha I already have a hardware scope for the required server and network specs, and prices which I would...
  3. BigToastie

    Old Style MMO to New Players

    Hi Guys, I have been working on an old style MMORPG server for some time, its basically being based off of the Legend of Mir 2 source. It's still in development, and as I get closer to the first testing phase I am wondering about ways to make it appeal and market it to a new Playerbase. It...
  4. BigToastie

    How to make good Boss stats?

    Obviously the stats are going to be higher to make the boss less than a 2 shot dead fight, but bosses need to be more about unique skills and interactions. Do they change form when they get to lower hp Do they enrage of cast a wipe spell if it takes too long to kill them Thereare tons...
  5. BigToastie

    Poll: Console Use

    Top 3 are: Xbox1 Sega Megadrive and Playstation 1 Xbox 1 I just live the console itself and the games I have are ace. Sega Megadrive and PS1, I have the amazing games like Sonic, Spyro, Crash etc. - can't find games more fun then these!!
  6. BigToastie

    October Goals & Progress Thread

    Well I am finally back at it, picking up from where you left off after a break is kinda hard to begin with. Starting off with just some more map design. Didn't intentionally have a break more happened by accident, but I feel as though my creativity has went back into overdrive so I will...
  7. BigToastie

    Ingame Town Development

    Further on this I am also breaking the whole hub into multiple maps so it makes it easier, certain areas wont be clear / accessible till other objectives are met etc. Finally got this sorted and can start working on it ;)
  8. BigToastie

    Ingame Town Development

    Hmm I really like this idea, I might have to draft out all potential buildings I want and then try to create a dependency tree for the buildings, it will probably cut out a lot of work (I am not shy of work, I just feel that the way I originally planned to do it, would mean a lot more work then...
  9. BigToastie

    Help(!) Customizable Player Hub

    Hi Guys, So I am looking to create a player map that acts as a "Hub". This is a large part of my game as it will always act as your main hub. I want this hub, to be customizable, in terms of you can build/upgrade buildings, in pre-determined spaces. Example. You have a map, with the...
  10. BigToastie

    Ingame Town Development

    I am looking to develop a hub basically. What I might have to do is event this up. Give the buildings a pre allocated space on the map, create maps accordingly (so I am not lagging the map with a ton of events), the people can choose which building to build, it will then reload you onto a...
  11. BigToastie

    Alpha ABS (MV) [New build 1232]

    Done, I was being a Wombat
  12. BigToastie


    Hi there, I have just realised, that this is for VXAce, not MV. I was too drawn to the graphics to read it (my bad!) is there any plans for this to be upgraded to MV? or is there a way I can use the tilesets for MV? Cheers :)
  13. BigToastie

    Just Bought All MV Packs

    some really useful stuff there, thanks! I feel that I am going to sort 1 pack out at a time, rather than try with all 4 at once, was a stupid move on my part. Creating a blank project and going to sort where I want all these resources first, and go from there. I just want structure...
  14. BigToastie

    Just Bought All MV Packs

    Hi All, So I have purchased these for myself (all the available MV packs). I have them all in, in floods of folders and I am just abit ... stuck. I have a few questions: Firstly, diag movement, which plugin do people recommend for this? (among other staple plugins for these tilesets...
  15. BigToastie

    RPG Maker MV - Parallax Tutorials

    Hi Guys, Can someone point me in the right direction for video / guides for parallax mapping for MakerMV within GIMP? Done a search but came up with a wall of links that weren't relevant. Cheers!
  16. BigToastie

    That "Idea" Moment

    I knew I wouldnt be the only one, I have been righting my 'thoughts' up in a document and it is helping me re-focus, as I can always go back to the document if I ever want to start another project.  It's also one of those things, when I was writing it down, realizing that "woah" there is a...
  17. BigToastie

    Ingame Town Development

    Hi Guys, So if I want to give players their own 'base'. where they can erect new buiildings etc. how would I go about doing this in terms of giving them a free choice on what they want to build, and when. as I know you could force the players to build in a specific order, but I want to...
  18. BigToastie

    That "Idea" Moment

    So, I have been casually been pottering on with a game for some time, desgining, mapping etc. Then I had an seed of a new game pop into my brain, not relating to the game at all, but a new game entirely. Has anyone ever come across this, where you are working on a game and get a new game...
  19. BigToastie

    Map Cap! Who Knew?

    There is a script to actually release the cap on this, I will edit this post when i find the source :) @XIIIthHarbinger It comes with the plugins as stated below:Zeriab_ExtraMaps
  20. BigToastie

    My thoughts on Online Communities, Groups and Forums such as this one

    You will never get a place where it never happens which sucks, but I have found that the majority of people have been willing to help anyone who asks questions or they get pointed to the direction that will assist them. I get the veteran mentality as they may see as "we help them, but they'll...

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