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  1. Question regarding battle animations

    Hello, I'm back with yet another question. This time, it's about mechanics during a battle sequence. So, I've made an animation for my character where it's supposed to display while the Item menu is selected. Admittedly, I didn't check how it would behave first, and I didn't get the result I...
  2. [SOLVED] Problem with status effects

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to check out my issue. I'm working on a "unique" battle mechanic for my project in RPGMAKER 2k3. It's something reminiscent to a "limit" bar from FF7, where it fills up and you can do certain attacks and obtain certain buffs for a certain small period of time...
  3. Help regarding walls and borders(?)

    heya, i never expected to see myself posting on here when most of the questions i wanted to ask were already answered, but here i am regardless so, in a test project im working on, im trying to create a "border" effect along the walls, as shown in the screenshot below, courtesy of yume nikki...

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