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  1. Self referencing event via script call?

    What I'm trying to do is find the script calls for the following commands Control variables > set to > game data > this events map X Control variables > set to > game data > this events map Y Control variables > set to > game data > this events facing direction I can see exactly how to do...
  2. Problem with over/under tiles event

    I'm building a large map 200x200 with lots of different elevations and bridges which will be walked on and under. I do NOT want criticisms for using large maps, I consider myself a decent mapper and my maps are extremely detailed and well planned out. I've done this so far by: > Variable...
  3. [SCRIPT HELP NEEDED] Pearl ABS Dual Wielding

    So, I'm using Falcao's PearlABS Liquid V3. It's awesome and I've invested a lot of time into editing and rearranging character sets for different attacks, etc. However, I came to testing my dual wielding classes. Using the first hand weapon is fine, animates and everything, but when i attempt...
  4. SCRIPT REQUEST: Character Created Events

    So I'm working on my project on VX Ace, I'm using Falcao Pearl ABS, and I want to know if there's anyway to let the player create events. What I would like to achieve is for the character to lay down traps that go off when an enemy gets too close like a mine, or a "buff aura" type deal that...

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