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  1. Spielerseele

    Jack Hayes: The Lazarus Sign ... now on Steam!

    Hi everyone! This game was made with RPG MAKER MV and a lot of plugins and extra assets! The soundtrack was either done by me or the professional English composer Joff Winks, who did an absolute awesome job in creating a unique and original score! The beautiful artwork was done by Nikita Nanako...
  2. Spielerseele

    Indie-Game-Fanatic Spielerseele says hello!

    Hi! My name is Stefan, and I since 2019 I have my own small wonderful indie-game-company (sole entrepreneurship plus a few freelancers) Iphigenia Games. Although I have no postings on this forum yet, I was actually a long-time visitor and silent reader. Plus, I got a lot of highly appreciated...

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My original idea of a quest where you just paid money to complete it (it made sense in context) somehow got turned into decorate a table with a variety of choices so that the majority of players will have different looking tables.

Latest custom tileset work for Raptor Revolt includes beach debris and palm tree. Can't wait to go to the beach!
Doing RPG Maker News #13 | More Yokai, Overworld Edits, Actor Specific Movement, Ultra Localization
One year on, one year off seems to be my theme lol

Finished coloring her and giving her different character portraits. Wanted to show a few of them :)

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