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  1. AsuranFish

    Showing various animations on an enemy...

    I was wondering if there is a way to show various animations on an enemy in randomish intervals. To give an example, I made a few animations of small explosions, sparks, and smoke. What I would like is for these animations to be gradually start playing on certain mechanical enemies as their HP...
  2. AsuranFish

    "Ranged Attack" animation problem (Action Sequence incl.)

    I'm having some difficulty with getting my ranged attack animation to consistently display properly. What should be happening: I would like the animation (arrow effect) to start at the user's bow, and travel towards the enemy. What is happening: Oddly enough, it seems to be working exactly as...
  3. AsuranFish

    Gradually increasing status effects.

    Hello everyone! In my game, I plan to have “Stun” be an essential element of the battle system - to the point that it’s almost required to use it in some form to not make some battles hard to manage. Because of this, I want to give most Stun a very high hit rate. But, of course, this comes...
  4. AsuranFish

    Yanfly Item Core & Attachable Augments

    Hi all! I'm trying to do a couple of things here. I created an item called "Copper Sword", and an augment called "Fire Shard". Augmenting the sword with the shard will rename the sword to "Blazing Copper Sword", as well as give it a new icon, new animated image in battle, and give the user a...
  5. AsuranFish

    "Enemy Readies..." / "Enemy Starts Casting..." warnings/indicators (Yanfly ATB)

    I'm looking for a way to warn players when certain skills are about to be used, so they can take preventative measures before the skill executes, while using Yanfly's ATB system. Can this be done through scripting without an additional plugin? For reference, each skill can be looked at as...
  6. AsuranFish

    Changing switches/variables when items are equipped/removed

    I’m looking for a way to increase a variable when a certain item is equipped. The problem is, I don’t want the effect to stack if multiple party members equip the same item. I was thinking that maybe a switch would work if it’s controlled by having the item equipped and removed, but that also...
  7. AsuranFish

    For those who don't like random encounters... (and those who do)

    I saw a lot of hate for random encounters in the "what not to put in your game" thread, and wanted to get some feedback on what I've been working on in terms of encounters. First, I don't currently have any complete "surprise" random encounters in my game. What I've been using are enemy NPC...
  8. AsuranFish

    Custom Player Movement Speed

    I'm surprised I haven't been able to find a plugin for this, with everything that's out there! So what I'm looking to do is to set movement speeds for players (and possibly events, but one thing at a time) that fit outside the default values offered in the editor. I did find this plugin, which...
  9. AsuranFish

    Screen Tint - But Don't Tint Animations?

    Would something like this be possible? I love to utilize screen tints to set ambiance and create various effects, but I don't like how it turns a typical fire spell animation from say orange to purple. Could there be a way to have skill animations override screen tints?
  10. AsuranFish

    Yanfly ATB Bar modification: skill charge

    I’ve tried to tinker with this, and have gotten kinda/sorta close to what I want, but I can’t seem to get the effect I want. Essentially, I want to change when and why the enemy ATB bar appears. Personally, I’d rather keep the charge between turns somewhat ambiguous, as I feel it’s distracting...
  11. AsuranFish

    On Map Enemy Encounters / Event Interaction

    Hi everyone! In my game, I have a mostly working system where enemy sprites appear on a map, and wander in a general vicinity. Using Yanfly's Event Mini Label, I've flagged each with the enemy's name and a colored ♦ symbol to indicate whether the enemy is passive or aggressive (♦ Goblin Bandit...
  12. AsuranFish

    How to make a character punch with both hands.

    Got tired of my "monk" type characters punching twice with their right hand, because that's an idiotic way to fight. Seriously, if you don't use a jab, you're liable to get knocked out. Unfortunately, the RPG Maker MV character generator doesn't take this into account. Which is why I came up...
  13. AsuranFish

    Battle Animation Placement

    Just an idea I came up with, which I think would be pretty cool to implement - but unfortunately I don't know the first thing about making plugins. Well, not entirely true. I do know the first thing. I just don't know the second thing, or the last thing, or any of the other things. As I noted...
  14. AsuranFish

    Enemy Battlers and Animation Offsets / Scaling

    Hi all! I'm wondering if there's a way to offset the placement of attack animations specific to each enemy. On certain enemy battlers, they may have a feature extending the size of the graphic, so that the enemy's body/core is not centered. The result of this could be your slashing animation...
  15. AsuranFish

    Yanfly Action Sequence - Frame Selection/Control?

    If I was to put "motion swing: user" into an action sequence, the battler would go through a three frame motion to swing their sword Basically what I'm looking for is a way to control sideview battler motions beyond simply cycling through the standard three frames. Example: For one action...
  16. AsuranFish

    Yanfly's ATB System Question (Ability Charging Phase)

    Hi all! I'm trying to set some things up for a project using Yanfly's ATB system. Namely, I'm trying to identify a way to execute certain actions when an enemy or actor begins charging up a skill. The process for the ATB system works as follows: 1: The battler's "speed" gauge begins to fill...
  17. AsuranFish

    Timed treasure chests/loot?

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to best implement this idea. I basically want to make treasure chests that appear after triggering an event, but only last for a certain amount of time. I know how to make a typical treasure chest, and I know how to make an event disappear after a certain...
  18. AsuranFish

    DreamX's Random Item Prefixes and Suffixes - Help?

    Hello all! I recently had this plugin by DreamX brought to my attention, and I find it to be fantastic. The help file, however, is a bit tricky to understand, and there are a few things I would like to accomplish, that seem like they would be possible with this plugin, but I am unable to figure...
  19. AsuranFish

    Yanfly Customize Equip / Weapon Unleash... combining the two...?

    This might be a bit of a tougher question, but here's what I'm trying to do... Right now, an example of a weapon I have in my game is the "Tormentor", a sword that deals darkness elemental damage, and attacks four times. Under the properties of this weapon, I have it using the Weapon Unleash...
  20. AsuranFish

    Making "unarmed" damage not viable?

    I'm having a bit of difficulty in figuring out how I want to balance this aspect of my game. Essentially, I feel like PCs are a bit too physically powerful for not having a weapon equipped. I thought maybe setting the hit rate to like 30% for each class, and then giving big hit rate boosts to...

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