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  1. About Yanfly Battle System

    Is there a way to change the Icons inside the script of the Yanfly's battle system script, like its now using very strange Icons I am not willing to use in it? is this possible so yeah how can I change it or at what line am I being able to change it?
  2. [Ruby] Quest Journal ( Help!! )

    Hey Everyone, as you can read the title.. I just added a fourht quest and now I keep getting some kind of weird error, and I am wondering if someone can help me out, the error Quotes "Script QuestLog line 856: Syntax Error occurred unexpected keyword_end, expecting ']' " And I haven't...
  3. Got a Quick Question..

    Hey Everyone I was wondering when I create and Weapon or Armor thing.. How much is like 1 DEF? What can I compair it with someone any idea, like the beginning shield has 1 DEF but what if I make it like 3? Is it a huge diffrence? I dont know how I can mark or get it.. Please I need some help...
  4. sprites as battlers

    I was wondering since I was hovering around on youtube at the Lets Play hub section of the forums.. I noticed some games got Sprites as battlers like your own characters as battlers since I am using the YES battle engine and when you have these enormous battlers its not nice in the game. So my...

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