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  1. Olivier

    Vibrating/shaking text

    Is there a script that makes text (preferably individual letters) shake? Think Undertale.  I want the text to shake when it is selected in a menu.
  2. Olivier

    ramen noodle lovers support thread

    if you or a loved one is addicted to eating ramen noodles, know that there is help for you this is a place of love, not hate
  3. Olivier


    i know i've only been here for like, a day or so, but i'm going on hiatus because sleep and food and lazy me :/ see y'all soon
  4. Olivier

    Replacing all my looping OGGs with MIDIs...

    So my project has a large (i mean LARGE) soundtrack of looping OGGs, which takes up more than 3 GB of space...I don't want my game to be that large LOL! So instead I've tried replacing all these looping OGGs with looping MIDIs instead, and that saved me a lot of file space (yay!). At first I was...
  5. Olivier

    Start Battle BGM at the same time as BattleStart transition

    my battle BGM has a pokemon-style intro, so I didn't need the BattleStart SE (I set it to None). The problem is that the BGM starts after the battle transition is completed and I want it to start at the same time as the battle transition. Can someone please help me with this, thanks! (I hope...
  6. Olivier

    Meow-Wow! I'm back.

    This is like my 3rd introduction or something (I lost track lol) but I changed my display name again so HI I'm looking for people to connect with. I need friends. *stares at floor* I like: -RPG maker -cat videos -egg meow let's be friends
  7. Olivier

    What's your favorite type of sword?

    I need a weapon for my game's main character. Futuristic swords (this means you, lightsabers) don't count. 
  8. Olivier

    Compatibility for Yanfly Victory Aftermath with GTBS

    This was asked before in the forum back in 2013 but no one came up with a solution as far as I know... I was wondering if it would be possible to make GubiD's tactical battle system compatible with Yanfly's victory aftermath script. Thanks!!
  9. Olivier

    Should I share my game ideas online?

    My mom and I are arguing over something. I want to share my game ideas/progress on this forum to get feedback, but my mom is not allowing me to. She is concerned that someone will "steal my ideas". Is she right? What should I tell her?
  10. Olivier


    Hi.  :) My internet name is Clayton and I am 15 years old. I bought RPG Maker VX Ace in the summer of 2013. I've been on this forum for quite a while but I never really introduced myself, so here I am. A little background about myself: I teach kids how to make their own games/apps/animations...
  11. Olivier

    Requesting character portrait/faceset

    Hello, this is my first time on the forums, and I was wondering if someone would be nice enough to make a character portrait and/or faceset for my noncommercial game. Here is my character: Here's what I'm looking for: If this helps you at all, my character is teenage-age, as for faceset...

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