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  1. BoredSoul

    Most embarassing moment?

    Anyone got any embarassing moments they'd like to share? I would but I'm still trying to decide between two stories.
  2. BoredSoul

    Yami Pop Messages Support

    so I've been using this script for my game and that all went well... until my artist turned in my faces yeah... went well I'll say and if you're wondering if the Yanfly Message script displaying the name makes the face placing look so bad, it isn't, I tested it out and it doesn't look much...
  3. BoredSoul

    Worst Pickup Lines

    are you a fart because you just blew me away
  4. BoredSoul

    title screen wtf error????

    Alright, so I was playing my game and noticed blue backgrounds in empty spaces. First I noticed it in a small spot Then I found it in blank parts of my maps. I was like:probably a parallax....but there was no parallax enabled. Huh.. Then I moved around the map and was able to catch a more...
  5. BoredSoul

    So the emoji movie came out

    So the worst movie to ever exist came out. I saw it ironically, and my brain cells died, along with my time. Don't watch it ironically, it's not even so bad it's good. What did you guys think of it? To me it sounded like a hollywood placeholder for ads and hollywood propaganda.
  6. BoredSoul

    How can my friend get veteran?

    Hey. As you can see, I have veteran, but I'm not sure how I got it. My friend, a musician, wants to get ppl to commision for her music, and you need to go to classifieds for that. But the problem is... Only veterans with 30 posts can get in. How do you get Veteran? Do you need 30 posts?
  7. BoredSoul

    Bust Generator?

    Will we have a generator which can generate character art,like busts? And if so,can we add generator parts to it?
  8. BoredSoul

    How much will VN be?

    Been a big wait,and now 2017's here. So it's coming soon.I need to know,how much will it cost?I can't seem to find a price.
  9. BoredSoul

    I'm back

    I've had much drama at school.Fights and all.And hockey and football matches too.So I've only got to use the computer mostly at the night. Okay,that's all true but really I was just too lazy to actually visit the forums. Now I'm back!Got an RPG Maker project and a multiplayer project too...
  10. BoredSoul

    MV White Screen

    First of all,sorry if this is in the wrong section.I think it isn't though. I've been using Ace for a year,but that's changed. Yesterday,my friend bought me MV for Thanksgiving,which isn't even celebrated at England. Anyway,I had to wait a day but a few min ago I went on it and this is...
  11. BoredSoul

    Friend Gifted Me MV

    I've used Ace for over a year.But for Thanksgiving,one of my friends gifted me MV.There is no Thanksgiving in England,he's American and I won't complain. Now,I've ALWAYS wanted MV.I was excited about the features.Now that I have it,I'm excited to try! I learnt Ace easily without...
  12. BoredSoul

    Autosave and Autoload

    Hey. After a year of using RM,I thought it's now finally time to get serious and get developing.I had a previous RM project,but that was abandoned because it was: "Just Another RPG Maker Game" (a term I TOTALLY did not steal from Echo607 who's channel is here). Now I want to get...
  13. BoredSoul

    Has any forum members been caught pirating?

    Don't ask why I am interested in this.I just want to know if any of those pirates have been caught making RM games.Or even worse,RM commercial games that were from a pirate copy of RM (I do have a legal copy of RMVXA on steam.Got it on the 95% sale,tho,cus I'm cheap.I don't really like pirating).
  14. BoredSoul

    Sympothy Script Error

    Hey guys.So,I downloaded Sympothy Battle Engine,for a SBS system which suited me. Long story short,pictures make long stories short. This is only happening on battles in-game,not in battle tests. This will happen in a forced battle or a random enemy encounter battle. This is...
  15. BoredSoul

    Degica's New Visual Novel Creator

    I'm so hyped!RPG Maker has done a great job through all these years!Now we get to see a visual novel creator! Who's gonna pay for it?I know I am.
  16. BoredSoul

    How many people knew the engine without tutorials?

    I love this engine man.I don't care what the haters say.But I got a question. How many people here didn't use tutorials.I figured the engine out on my own.I'm not the kind of tutorial guy. I somehow even figured out how variables and labels worked without anyone telling me. Did anybody...
  17. BoredSoul

    What Pokemon GO team do you choose?

    I don't play Pokemon GO and I've never watched a video,I discovered it a long while ago,when I was with my friend at a theme park.I knew how Pokemon GO was an AR so I asked my friend if we could try the game on the rides.It was so funny.On the horse ride,I saw a pokemon sitting on the horse for...
  18. BoredSoul

    What Tileset Pack Should I Buy?

    I've got some money to spare and in like a month or 3 weeks,idk,I want to buy a tile pack. What do you recommend?I've tried looking for some,not much luck.... (I am not quite sure if this is the right place to post this,if it isn't,move it please).
  19. BoredSoul

    Why can't I save on my project?

    For some reason,when I try to save on my project,it makes that buzz noise. I checked through my events,I don't have anything disabling the save.I even added a save enable event to be sure at the start,the error is still there. I can't make a new project,I don't want to start all over...
  20. BoredSoul

    Expensive RM Priojects?

    Anybody know some RM projects which took a hell lot of money to make?I found out "Sydney's World" was made with £4000 (for her,it's $ but idc). Anybody know any other projects that took a huge amount of money?

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