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  1. Arthur França

    RMMV [RSW] Worthy Stories - DEMO

    Download link: Synopsis Vastar is a land full of stories: Great Heroes, Abominable Villains, Brave Adventurers, Honorable Kings, Legendary Warriors… Well let’s say there are several ways to make your story memorable. And, as is...
  2. Arthur França

    Turn Based Damage Steal State

    Hi every one! Let me see if I can explain this: I'm trying to make an state that debuffs the target and also buff the caster. In this case, the buff will be "Atk". And the buff start as an amout and then decrease each turn until reachs to 0, when the state is removed. For exemple: Let's take...
  3. Arthur França

    How can I make an attack with delay

    Let me see if I can explain it: If an actor is using a crossbow, or something (or skill) with need be charged, when I use the attack and select the target the actor need to wait 1 turn (since he's charging), and after that he hits the target. During this charging time he cannot act. There's a...
  4. Arthur França

    How to check who is the actor using the item

    Hellow everybody! I'm trying to make a "Hungry" status for my actors. This stat will buff or debuff their power during the battle. So, to fill this stat, the actor need to eat food. I made variables to each actor to set their hungry status, and put it on the main menu using some Yanfly's...
  5. Arthur França

    Attributes increase based on battle conditions

    Hi everyone! I'm breaking my bones to understand js, but it's rlly hard to me. Any way, i'm sure I'll be proefficient (some day). But if anyone could gimme a little help, i'd be very grateful: I'm trying to make a system that the attributes of the actor will not increase based on level up, but...

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