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  1. Gokasy

    RMMV True Knight ( No Travel Game Jame

    Hi All, here is my entry for No Travel Game Jam, and my first game and RPG ever, I hope you like it, and please leave feedback, so I can try to improve and make better games. Please not that it was made in 2 days, and it has only a couple of quests, but it is fun and you can explore the...
  2. Gokasy

    Issue with Yanfly Doodads and X_ExtDoodadPAck1

    Hi Guys, I just got the plugins and when I add them and play-test the game, I get a Developer Tools (chrome-extension..) window with and error.. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read propertu 'prototype' of YEP_X_ExtDoodadPack1.js:87... It is this line: " Sprite_Doodad.prototype.initCustomDataZ; "...

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Dragonfly3116 wrote on Redweaver's profile.
i need to ask do you mind sending me a link to tutorial town an legend of ancients Please My new Email is
I Am A Member On The Site Here As Well If Your Still teaching Let Me Know Thanks Joseph
Added store elements.


The next step will be to start making props (including distillers).
I just saw one of SigmaSuccor's RPG Maker news videos, it mentioned one of my plugins. Now I kind of wish I'd made a demo project for it, having nothing in that segment but a scroll down the code feels a little underwhelming given what the plugin COULD do. Except I suck at making demo stuff, and my testing project isn't fit for that. :(
Ok, to prepare for the GMTK Game Jam, I'm trying to make a game with the theme "The Cat's out of the Bag" in about 48 hours. I'd make a forum post with a question, but I don't have the time!
Worked over a week on a new BGM, and I'm finally happy with it.

Here are some screenshots of the area it will be used in


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