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  1. _Soysauce_

    Turn switch on when opening the menu for the first time

    Well, this has to be (hopefully) the simplest request ever, but I couldn't find any solution through either google and forum searches. I plan for my game to check when the player opens the inventory for the first time. In the grand scheme of things, it's just a small way to double-check if they...
  2. _Soysauce_

    Need help with a plugin to show pictures on item menu

    Hi everybody, A close friend of mine is trying to work on a plugin to show images on screen when scrolling the key items in the key item menu. He's relatively new to programming, and rather new at JavaScript - so he has taken as a reference this thread from 2018...
  3. _Soysauce_

    Script call check if a variable is even or odd

    Hi everyone, I've been wanting to make a simple conditional branch where I would check if a variable is even or odd. At first I was thinking it wouldn't have been a big deal, as I could simply check if the variable can be divided by 2 and check the result. Then I realized there's no basic...
  4. _Soysauce_

    A "show text" prior to any dialogue box

    Hi everybody, Since this is JS Plugin Requests, I'm first gonna get straight to the point, and then explain the whole backstory behind: I'm wondering if it exists, or how hard would it be to implement, a plugin that would automatically do an old, regular "show text" right before all the "show...
  5. _Soysauce_

    Sort Items by how they're found in-game

    Hello, I usually google extensively for the stuff I'm looking for, but I'm just really surprised that this topic seems to never have popped out anywhere. I'm kinda suprised it's not a default option in Rpg Maker MV at all. At this point, I just have to ask directly. How hard would it be to...
  6. _Soysauce_

    Editing the position of the Input Number Window

    Hi everyone, I've googled far and away for the simplest of plugins (I'm assuming), but at this point I'm pretty positive nobody cares enough for the input number window, as most plugins seem to be a complete overhaul of it. I'm working on a project that resizes the game window to 288x192px...

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The next step will be to start making props (including distillers).
I just saw one of SigmaSuccor's RPG Maker news videos, it mentioned one of my plugins. Now I kind of wish I'd made a demo project for it, having nothing in that segment but a scroll down the code feels a little underwhelming given what the plugin COULD do. Except I suck at making demo stuff, and my testing project isn't fit for that. :(
Ok, to prepare for the GMTK Game Jam, I'm trying to make a game with the theme "The Cat's out of the Bag" in about 48 hours. I'd make a forum post with a question, but I don't have the time!
Worked over a week on a new BGM, and I'm finally happy with it.

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