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  1. slimmmeiske2

    Spotlights/Features Resource Spotlight: Ebanyle's Xp Tree Remaster

    I'm getting a 'Not Found' when I click on the link. Is the spotlight not live yet? The XP RTP is still the best RTP out there and the various remasters it's gotten by the community continues to prove that. Just look at the sheer number of different trees it had. Anyway, Ebanyle did an amazing...
  2. slimmmeiske2

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    Vibrato added a new SV battler: People 2_8.
  3. slimmmeiske2

    mlogan's POP! style stuff

    @cabanas_ds Those cars in the screenshot (+ police car & taxi) are in the POP Horror City DLC.
  4. slimmmeiske2

    Please ask in the Plugin Requests forum.

    Please ask in the Plugin Requests forum.
  5. slimmmeiske2

    How do I get the expansions for RPG Maker VX?

    Yes, VX and VXAce use the same resource format, so if it says compatible with VXAce, it is also compatible with VX. The store is a combination of company DLC, mixed in with paid DLC from our artists/musicians in our community here. Of course, there's also free stuff available thanks to our...
  6. slimmmeiske2

    RMMV Alternative to YEP Battle Status Window

    Plugin Requests
  7. slimmmeiske2

    How do I get the expansions for RPG Maker VX?

    They are in the store. The only free expansion listed there was the character maker, which doesn't exist anymore, since VXAce came out with a build in one.
  8. slimmmeiske2

    Top 8 Theme: Elemental Dungeon! Deadline: 11:59 Pacific, 4/19

    Thanks @IguanaGuy. I loved both of your maps during this tourney. :) Good luck to my fellow entrants. I can't wait to see what you all came up with.
  9. slimmmeiske2

    Image freeze - RPG Maker MV

    MV Support
  10. slimmmeiske2

    Can We Control The Way Battle Menu Images Are Cropped?

    No problem. :) I didn't even know we had an inline spoiler button. :aswt: The normal spoiler button is the second from the right one (the eye with a line through).
  11. slimmmeiske2

    Can We Control The Way Battle Menu Images Are Cropped?

    Can't help you with the question, but for the spoiler tags: it's "spoiler" not "ispoiler".
  12. slimmmeiske2

    Help - Event (Harvest Moon)

    MZ Support
  13. slimmmeiske2

    Slim's this and thats -MZ edition-

    Thanks @Jyger85. I'm definitely planning on doing the battlers as well as facesets for them. :)
  14. slimmmeiske2

    Slim's this and thats -MZ edition-

    I'd been wanting to try out Avery's tutorial and someone requested the catgirl, so here's my attempt:
  15. slimmmeiske2

    Cat Girl Emotions Portraits

    I'd been wanting to try out Avery's tutorial linked above, so here you go: It's not the best, but I hope you both find it useful.
  16. slimmmeiske2

    I can't right click on the map :(

    @josephdevelops You're responding to a thread for MV that's 5 years old... josephdevelops
  17. slimmmeiske2

    FSM first seed material sample maps

    True story, but I once almost reported a commercial game for stealing maps from another game, until I realized they were both using sample maps. And the only reason I realized this was because I figured no one would steal such a terrible map. :guffaw: Anyway, I'm also firmly in the "Don't use...

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