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  1. Grimoire LD

    Features Feedback

    I think if it fits the game (as in the game is based in randomness) then it fits perfectly. However if the rest of the game is fairly set without much random deviation then it might be a bit off-putting to the player.
  2. Grimoire LD

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Hrmm... I've been trying a basic formula here... a.addState(15) : a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 but it doesn't function. It makes the skill do 0 damage and doesn't apply the state. The syntax was taken directly from here, but it still doesn't work.
  3. Grimoire LD

    Yanfly Item Core/Item Upgrade Slot/Auto-Passive States question

    Hello Yanfly, I wanted to start off by saying that your plugins are Amazing adding so much more depth and promise than what is originally there. I did have a couple of questions though... 1: Is it possible to combine plugin functionalities? For instance can I create an Upgrade Slot Item which...
  4. Grimoire LD

    Features Feedback

    I didn't realize that there was a way to force an auto-save. I'll have to experiment with that, thanks!  Ah, it's purely for people who want to "test their luck" so to speak. They can go to town and for a small fee have them turned into Stable variants which provide a set amount of stats, just...
  5. Grimoire LD

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Here's an interesting note. When you apply actual formulas that search for stats to On Field items (e.g. Healing Potions) the system seems to default look at the Leader's stats to reference if there is an "a.stat" used which is pretty interesting. It implies that the item is being administered...
  6. Grimoire LD

    Features Feedback

    I had a quick question revolving around the use of a random based gameplay element. Through YanFly's Item Core and Item Upgrade plugin he included a section for Upgrade Items to increase/decrease stats on an item by a random amount. I decided to make two upgrade types. Stable (which will always...
  7. Grimoire LD

    D'Art MV Resources (Latest Upload [Feb 10,2016]: Parallax Big Trees)

    All I saw were the emotion sets for the rest of the Actor1 crew, but they looked quite good! A much more appropriate "embarassed" emotion than what came with the initial DLC in any case. Great work!
  8. Grimoire LD

    Old Man Resource!

    Indeed, I cannot get the actual hair to show up on the portrait and as mentioned normal character sprites (I believe TV) the hair is missing from the front and sideways even after renaming everything to match up.
  9. Grimoire LD

    Personigo's MV resource giveaway!

    They both look pretty good! The only issue with them is... well no face to go along with them, hehe. Once that's in place though they will be fully usable.
  10. Grimoire LD

    RPG Maker MV 1.0.1

    I don't know exactly what was done, but everything seems to be so much more stable! The Battles that used to lag consistently hardly have a skip at all to them and while the Menu still has a bit of lag it's not as obtuse as it was. Great work guys and gals! Looks like with a little optimization...
  11. Grimoire LD

    Weapon Sprites Enhanced

    Alright, now it's working great even with Yanfly's script. Fantastic work, once again!
  12. Grimoire LD

    Weapon Sprites Enhanced

    It would be for the Weapon. For just a test, copy and paste the example and put it in one of your first weapons. If it worked you will have a blue staff when you attack.
  13. Grimoire LD

    Where can I go to gush about this music? They really outdid themselves this time, these tracks...

    Where can I go to gush about this music? They really outdid themselves this time, these tracks are worthy of any actual console RPG and some are even better than the majority!
  14. Grimoire LD

    Weapon Sprites Enhanced

    Hmm, I can't quite get it to work. I copy-pasted your example for a test, but nothing happened after that and this is with all the other Yanfly plugins turned off. Is there something I'm missing there? EDIT: I see you're supposed to save and reload when  you turn off Yanfly scripts it appears...
  15. Grimoire LD

    Weapon Sprites Enhanced

    Wonderful! In such a short time the biggest problem I found with this version has been dealt with! Well done!
  16. Grimoire LD

    I'd like to run by this game system with everyone

    I must have missed the Features Feedback board, eh heh. Sorry about that. I think this can be locked then. I'll probably start another topic when I'm further in.
  17. Grimoire LD

    I'd like to run by this game system with everyone

    That is a rather good idea to have armor supplement the character's stats in addition to supplying other bonuses. I should note that Marks are rare drops only when not found in chests so the player would have to grind for a rather long time to get any significant numbers of them, but it is a...
  18. Grimoire LD

    I'd like to run by this game system with everyone

    It is something like that, yes. Well I realize that I wasn't exactly thorough with my explanation. Since every weapon has a slot maximum (ranging anywhere from 0-5, that max may be decreased) I can balance battles around the middle point of expecting characters to have at least two or so stones...
  19. Grimoire LD

    I'd like to run by this game system with everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm really getting to work on my first project and I'd like to see if this idea can be improved, or any ideas for it, of if I'm completely off of the mark. I wanted to try something a little different and make a very non-linear experience in a rather small world. The game begins...
  20. Grimoire LD

    Save points as items.

    ...Wow. I had no idea that Dragon Warrior 2 had such an item, I've played through the game and have seen it LP'ed as well. They must be stupidly rare drops then! I do rather like this idea though, it allows players a better sense of control if they happened to obtain the item (like getting...

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