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  1. Finnuval

    Fancy Napkins

    Okay, so for now my final request however in rebuilding my Tea Parlor map I notcied I am missing some fancy napkins. (Again for MZ) Preferable white or light pink (tho I can do a simple recolor myself prolly) to go with this setting Something along the line sof these Again anyone know of...
  2. Finnuval

    Grandfather Clock

    Hey there (again) for MZ again xD Barely got my last request filled and here I am again (sorry). Anyway this time I'm wondering if anyone knows of a grandfather's clock? Like this Any pointers would be evry welcome! Thanks in advance guys (and gals) xD
  3. Finnuval

    In need of a Detective's Tools

    Hey there folk, once again I have a request. (for MZ) Got the Looking glass and Pocket Watch so all that's left is... and finally a pipe with tobacco case like this If anyone knows of any of these items (or something close enough) or is willing and generous enough to make them I would be...
  4. Finnuval

    RMMV M - a Detective Game

    I've been working solo on and off on this little passion project for a good while now. Since a lot of folk seem to want to know more so I thought this would be a good time to start a thread about it (also I really dont want to have to tell the same story over and over again to a bunch of ppl...
  5. Finnuval

    Praise be the Moderators

    I know I did this before a year ago and some might think I'm brownnosing but whatever... I just say it as I see it is all xD Anyway with the past year and it's twists and turns... Covid being a big one but also the release of MZ which created a surge in new members, etc etc I just want to take...
  6. Finnuval

    Need help with Kanji

    So I need help with the word 'duality'... How do I write this in Kanji? (Google sure isnt helping lol) (don't know if this is posted correctly so apologies if not)
  7. Finnuval

    Finnuval's FrontView Battlers

    So some of you might know that I recently (after a runt of almost 15 years) got back into enjoying making art. Spurred on by some great ppl from the forum I decided to make some frontview battlers and quickly decided to start with Goblins and after a community poll the theme was decided to be...
  8. Finnuval

    I can't draw...or so I've been told... [not a pitty party lol]

    So some of you may know me most of you don't so here is a small introduction on what you need to know to understand where I am comming from : I am 41yo, have been drawing since I could hold a pen (I'll even joke that I probably was already grawing in my mom's womb) I have done so as a hobby...
  9. Finnuval

    Need help deciding a battler theme... Cast your vote!

    So I have decided to go ahead and make some front view battlers to be released to the community for free once I got a few of them done :D The first creature to pick a theme for will be this Goblin. I will then make several variations of it within the most voted theme and release those...
  10. Finnuval

    Frontview Battlers : Yay or Nay?

    So I personally prefer making frontview battlers - it's easier and I like it more (personal preference I know lol) but I'm wondering if ppl still even use them. Every request I see on these forums is for SV battlers so that makes me think there is no use in making my battlers public anyway but...
  11. Finnuval

    Victorian Toy Boat - Character

    Hi all, It's me again and yeah once again I need some help haha for : MV style : Matching RTP (kinda) Anyway you know in olde days kids (and earlier adults) used to play with wind-up toys including very popular wind-up and sail boats to play in ponds? Yeah, looking for one of those xD Here's...
  12. Finnuval

    High Tea Set

    Hi All, Once again it's me :) (MV, RTP matching preferably) This time I am looking for a High Tea cake display thingy like this : for my Victorian Tea Parlor. It would be a great help xD Anyway as always thanks for looking and hopefully someone makes me real happy :D
  13. Finnuval

    Butcher Sign/Banner

    Hey folk, Could anyone make me a butcher sign/banner to go with my butcher's exterior in terms of style, etc. it would go either above the door or above the awning depending on size. It's for MV It would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks for looking anyway.
  14. Finnuval

    Newspaper stand

    And it's me again. Sorry guys, just can't pixel a cube myself so I gotta relay on you all :) Again for MV Matching RTP preferably This time I am looking for an old wooden & brass newspaper stand like this : Now if I get a choice I would like two versions : one with newspapers in it and one...
  15. Finnuval

    Old Printing Press

    For MV Preferably matching RTP So it's me again this time looking for an old style printing press preferably something like this : Anyone up for the challenge or know of it already existing and pointing me in the right direction would be highly appreciated :) Also anything else that would...
  16. Finnuval

    Stacked bodies/Corpse pile

    Okay, been a while since I asked for anything on here so I feel less of a nag now xD for MV Anyway, I'm looking for something rather 'different' this time around: A stack of corpses, more specifically mummies. 2 tiles wide and 2 tiles high, about 4(?) bodies should do? They need to look...
  17. Finnuval

    Any good tutorials?

    Hey there, So I recently bought VN on steam sale and I've been playing around with it some. Thankfully it has a good help text that comes with it so a lot of the basic stuff I'm starting to get :D However some of the more in depth stuff is less clear to me (also because I'm someone that learns...
  18. Finnuval

    In search of vehicles (MV)

    Hey there once again :D (for MV) SO this time 'round I'm looking for vehicles for map-travel. Specifically the following : A steamliner/boat somewhat like this an old (DC) plane and/or hot-air balloon like this an old truck in these lines and an old steam train Now these would be as...
  19. Finnuval

    Information stand/Plaque for a museum

    Hi there and thanks for at least reading this :) (for MV) Anyone able and willing to make an information stand/plaque like this (or now of one in existence) Both from the front and side. and with black instead of metal. All I can offer in return (sadly) is my gratitude :D Anyway, thanks in...
  20. Finnuval


    So I sometimes do some volunteer work at the local hospital supporting and mostly listening to terminal patients 16 years and under. Not a fun thing but very satisfying in its own way. However today something happend that goes beyond my understanding... There is this one patient, He is 12 yo...

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