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  1. Voltss

    trouble with QTE in an auto-running segment

    right now i'm making a segment where your character runs through a forest and side-steps trees and whatnot, but i'm trying to make him round a corner when a prompt shows up and the game goes into slow-mo. if you press it properly it plays a sound and toggles on a switch that controls the next...
  2. Voltss

    need help improving on a scene

    I need some help improving on a chase scene, here's video of its earliest version, which is its current state. the music is not mine, it's only being used for testing purposes. right now the player has to move the character forward manually to run away, and this is probably not the best way to...
  3. Voltss

    how do the big monster sprites work?

    I need to make a scene where one of them chases the player.
  4. Voltss

    "Enemies Killed" counter won't work

    i have a scene in my game where my characters need to clear a small city of enemies. There are 6, and the battle is initiated by talking to the enemy. They each say a line of dialogue before starting the fight. Take a look. I have an autorun event with condition "numberofsoldierskilled is...
  5. Voltss

    Post-game Extras Menu?

    I'd like for there to be an "extras" menu added to the main menu of the game where you can flip through characters and various enemies after you beat it. Is this doable?
  6. Voltss

    Mean Bean Machine recreation?

    this. is it possible to create with plugins and/or eventing?
  7. Voltss

    Abilities that shuffle enemy stats/give random debuffs

    Is it possible to accomplish?
  8. Voltss

    Fast paced gameplay suggestions?

    I'm coming up on a part of my game where a party member is kidnapped and needs to be rescued from a militaristic facility. Does anyone have suggestions on how to create a type of "fast" gameplay and give the player a sense of urgency? Something similar maybe to this: I want to have cinematics...
  9. Voltss

    Does anyone here play team fortress 2?

    not a lot of people seem to recognize it. it IS pretty old but still pretty good in terms of community.
  10. Voltss

    Playtest is very quiet?

    I haven't changed any settings, just all of a sudden the playtest audio went from working perfectly to being incredibly quiet. Everything else works fine, I tested it. Only the playtester is the problem.
  11. Voltss

    Platformer/Top-down fusion game

    My game needs to have both side-scrolling platformer rooms and regular RPG maker rooms. Is there a plugin that accomplishes the following things: Allow both platformer and regular rooms to be built Allow for followers (although if necessary i can come up with a workaround if not) Allow...
  12. Voltss

    Trouble with sprite limitations

    I'm making overworld and sideview sprites of a character. Trouble is, his ears on the hoodie he wears are way too big to fit on the sheet. Is there a way to increase the size of the sheet to accommodate for them? Here's a picture of him.
  13. Voltss

    Chase scene for my game

    Is there some way to recreate a chase scene similar to this?
  14. Voltss

    Sideview Actors get back up after dying

    When one of my actors gets knocked out, he doesn't stay in the "KO'd" animation, he gets back up while staying dead. How do I fix that?
  15. Voltss

    Percentage-based healing skill

    How can I make a skill that heals 40% of all allies' HP?
  16. Voltss

    Sideview battlers reacting to a character being knocked out?

    I want to recreate something similar to in the mario and luigi games, an example being if mario gets knocked out luigi plays a "surprised" animation and would say "MARIO!", is there a way to reproduce this with my characters if one of them is knocked out in battle?
  17. Voltss

    Animation help

    I have a scene where a character of mine skates up a circular-shaped wall (think like in flying battery zone from sonic with those rotating tunnels, except vertical) and I want to animate it so that the character looks like he's actually doing it. Do I need a spritesheet or do I need to have...
  18. Voltss

    Help with sideview actors[SOLVED]

    I have a plugin that allows for sideview enemies to have animated actor battlers, as well as one actor who has a hoodie with rather large "ears", is there any way to: 1) Make it so that the hoodie "ears" don't clip into the sprite above it in the battler spritesheet 2) Make "giant" animated...
  19. Voltss

    Exceed enemy HP cap?

    I'm making a very secret non-main story boss fight (against a very uh... meme-y opponent) that is meant to be nearly impossible, and I want to know if there's any cap on HP like in RMVXACE, and if so how can I make it so that my boss has HP in the millions?

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