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  1. Shanghai's FF13 Menu (SSS)

    Okay, I downloaded a copy of Shanghai's FF13 Menu (the Ace one). It's either that he didn't have a thing to change the item menu, since it looks like the default, or I messed something up. But I'm looking at the scripts, and there's nothing for the Item Menu (but everything else is fine, so no...
  2. [VX] Yanfly Menu Melody Problem

    Okay, I have a bit of a problem with Yanfly's Menu Melody. Here is the script: And then it says: line 198: TypeError occured. superclass mismatch for Scene_Menu. If someone can help me with this, then thanks so much. There is another problem I will add, but I need this to be solved first...
  3. Sprite Requests

    Now, I might be laying down a lot, but if someone can do this (and some others, whenever I post it later), that would be great! Whoever does this, I will put your name in the credits. I ask that the characters be in Pokemon Black/White sprites. And that they have all of their directions (if...
  4. How do you make a character suddenly appear?

    I am having a slight issue with making a character spontaneously appear. I'm sure it's fairly simple, but I currently do not know how to. If someone can help me whenever they get the chance, then thanks!

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