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  1. CleanWater

    Learn RPG Maker MV

    Do you want to become an indie RPG developer? And want to learn how to make games in a fun and interactive way? Then you are in the right place! Learn RPG Maker MV is a game made with it's source files available, so you can open it on your own RPG Maker MV editor and see first hand how the game...
  2. CleanWater Widget on Signature, how to?

    Hello, I'm trying to include my project released on on my signature, but I can't make it appear as intended. Is there any way to do this? Thanks in advance!
  3. CleanWater

    Early Access is Worth it?

    Hello everyone! What's your opinion about Early Access games? Do you purchase it? Do you help the developer with worthy feedback? And you as a developer? Do you have any experience with an Early Access game of yours? Was it good? Thanks in advance!
  4. CleanWater

    Localization to English, Any Advice?

    Hello, Someone here who is not English native have some material (maybe books, articles) or any hint based on your own experience translating your work to English? When I started working with game development, I direct translated them myself to English, but the result was a big wave of...
  5. CleanWater

    Can't Play Deployed Game on Linux

    Hello, I'm trying to deploy a demo to Linux, but it's not working as it should. I followed all the steps from the help file and also from this topic, but I simply can't make the Game.desktop file run as a game. There's no other "Game" than this file in the deployed directory. Can someone...
  6. CleanWater

    Releasing Commecial Game With a Partner

    Hello, I'm back to developing games, but now I'm not alone. I'm working with a friend, who is in charge of the custom scripts, OS porting, etc, while I take care of the custom graphics, gameplay and such. We both acquired RPG Maker MV on Steam and if I recall well, I need to send an email with...
  7. CleanWater

    Walls like in 2k/3

    Hello, There's any way to configure the tiles so the player can walk "behind" them? It was a functionality available with the older RMs, you could put a "square" on them and they would work this way, but on MV it seems to be possible only with the B,C, D and E layers using the "star" in the...
  8. CleanWater

    Bug with Common Parallel Events?

    Hello, We are developing a game where we have set a set of choices in the beggining of the game. Let's say, If the player chooses option A, the SwitchA = ON. In the Common Events, we have a Parallel event activated by this Switch with a Conditional Branch using another Switch. The problem...
  9. CleanWater

    MV and PHP?

    Sorry for this dumb question, but is it possible to use PHP with MV developed games? I know there's room for javascript scripts, but what about some PHP there?
  10. CleanWater

    Create My Own Store (Questions)

    Hi there! So, I came with this idea in mind. I already searched around some things, like the wordpress plugins and such, but couldn't find anything that really fits into my idea (or at least for free). What I want to do is: Customer log in my store Purchase one of my games Get a key of the...
  11. CleanWater

    MV Android Deployment in 2019

    Hi there, I searched around the forum and the help files about deploying for Android. I have a few questions. 1 - Is the official "F1 Help Files" method using crosswalk still working without any problems/issues today? 2 - I tried to use this method of this post, but the newer Android Studio I...
  12. CleanWater

    Can I use EasyRPG?

    It's against Terms of Use using the alternative RPG_RT of EasyRPG? There are a lot of features they offer that would be useful for my comercial game on Steam.
  13. CleanWater

    Steam Screenshots on 2k3 games

    Is there any easy way to implement this? Pressing F12 does nothing on the Steam client.
  14. CleanWater

    Post your Game Store Page

    Just to play a bit. If you have a game released, either on Steam,, etc, post it's store page here. The goal is to learn from others how they are marketing their games, how we can improve ourselves based on other's pages, etc. Optional: If you feel like so, you can also rate each one's...
  15. CleanWater

    Javascript tutorials aimed at MV?

    Anyone knows a good series of javascript tutorials aimed at RPG Maker MV? I'm not talking about "learning on how to program in JS", but about more subtle things like: where I can find each function, what each script does, etc. For example, I'm thinking about "changing the position of battlers"...
  16. CleanWater

    Is it worth Developing for Linux?

    What do you think about this matter? Any success stories?
  17. CleanWater

    Metacritic, now it actually works?

    I often see games with Metacritics entries on Steam, but I never got any review from my games there. I wonder how this system works, and if it can affect the sales of a game? Anyone can explain it for me, or give any hint?
  18. CleanWater

    BGM Lag/Delay Fix

    I'm here just to request this in the next updates. I would like you to consider adding this on your "to do" list. :smile: Description of the Feature: The title kinda says everything. I think most people here already experienced the BGM delay when starting the game, changing maps in-game...
  19. CleanWater

    How is the Mobile Market?

    Hi there! RMMV have the ability to export to Android, but I never heard of any RM game being sold on Google Play or similar. Is the RM games mobile market nonexistent? Anyone here published for mobile, have any insight about the market overall?
  20. CleanWater

    MMO Tutorial for MV?

    Hi there! Searching the internet, I found only some tutorials aimed at the VX maker, not MV. Is it possible to do a MMO in MV, someone already tried something similar on this maker? Also, is there any good MMO tutorial that explain the basic architecture of servers in a general way?

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