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  1. Ghosttt

    RMMV Help with lighting!!!

    So I'm making a game for my final project of my uni degree, super short. I'm doing all the art alone and I dunno how to code. 99% of it is in the dark so I'm trying to figure out how to do a circle of light around the player, I have the Galv Visibility range plugin (...
  2. MarcheBeoulve1

    The lighting being dark is making my character not move like he is supposed to

    Filler this is just filler to post this damn post to posted on this forum
  3. RMMV Khas Advanced Lighting - Bug Sprite

    I would like to know how to solve this shadow problem on top of the player's sprite
  4. MattLikesPenguins

    Issues with Victor Engine Lighting script

    (Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum or has already been answered) I love this script, but I'm running into a problem when I try to deactivate it. The setup I'm using is pretty simple: A PP event runs the Create Shade event, the player steps on a 'Player Touch' event that turns on a...
  5. RMMV Problem with terrax lighting

    i use this plugin for made my cave look a bit darker, and sure i have to use this plugin to make character see a thing but narrow even though the light did not follow the character . i find the way out for long time but it didn't work. so please, help me figure what happen. also I've a pic for...
  6. GroundZeroGames

    RMMV [SOLVED] Khas Lighting Plugin Bug: Toggling the player's lantern on or off briefly disables their collision?

    While working on a spooky game, I discovered an interesting glitch(?) that has to do with Khas's lighting plugin. The game uses a toggleable flashlight. However, while turning it off or on... THAT happens. I'm not entirely sure how I can go about fixing this. This is a pretty annoying...
  7. Snarkyfork

    RMMV Can you change screen tint in battle with Terrax Lighting?

    I've been using Terrax Lighting for sometime and I noticed some other lighting plugins let you change tint in the battle scene, is that possible with Terrax?
  8. Copywright

    2D Lighting with Sprite DLight or Sprite Lamp

    I'm curious if anyone has had any experience using normal mapped sprites as a lighting system? I doubt RM supports it, but I was curious to find out.
  9. Two_Stubz

    RMMV I need some help with the community lighting plugin.

    i've already made a post like this, but with Terrax, in that thread someone told me to switch to community lighting instead of Terrax. i'm trying to make an event where a character blacks out for 12 hours and when he awakens it's night time, so i need it to be dark. to do this i first tried to...
  10. Two_Stubz

    RMMV i'm struggling a bit Terrax lighting and need help.

    so i'm making a scene where the main character falls unconcious in the morning and wakes up at night, i basically need light 1 to be on during the morning, and light 2 to on during the night, this should be easy, but i also need light 1 to turn off after it turns to night time. i've tried...
  11. Shora

    RMMV Shora Lighting Plugin (Real-time shadow with heavily optimized lighting) (MV/MZ)

    ...Maker MV/MZ, but i have made it for 9 months~. After lots of failure in quality and effectively, now i can finally, introduce to you, Shora Lighting Plugin, with real-time dynamic shadow and statics light!. It have been optimized heavily too focus in quality, and i have rebuild this plugin...
  12. Ninjakillzu

    Lighting Systems, Lag, and a Dilemma

    I've been in the process of changing my battle system to Victor's Map Turn Battle, but I have run into major issues with my current lighting script. I am currently using CSCA Light Effects. Main issue: All lights turn off when a map battle starts. This is most likely due to an incompatibility...
  13. Ded_Zed01

    RMMV Khas Advanced lighting - Map Light Event Change (SOLVED)

    I've set the light for map default to 40 and i was to change it with an event, i tried using comment with it for changing ambient light to hundred and doesn't work, there a different command for it. Use plugin command instead of comment
  14. Frostorm

    Ambient Lighting

    I was wondering if anyone knew any good examples of ambient lighting being used in an outdoor setting, maybe some kind of forest/woods, but doesn't have to be. This isn't about technical implementation, which would go in a different subforum, but rather, I'm looking to learn general principles...
  15. Doinathing

    How do I use Heretic's Dynamic Lighting?

    The built in instruction just aren't doing it for me. I'm pretty sure I've imported all the files correctly, but for some reason, Comment: \light[light.png] Script: $game_variables[75] = [0] Returns an error on booting the game. I'm not sure what to do, if anyone has expirience with HDL...
  16. h0tWalker

    Lighting System Not gotten into scripting yet, and my main project is still in the writing phase. So that leaves me with little to wonder... Is there a lighting system that can be made without scripting, or anyone who've made a plug in yet for lighting like Terrax? Or can it be done through tinting the...
  17. Kristina

    Delay on events/movement route

    I make these lighting events so lamps such as street lamps got light. However, as you can see on the picture there is a slight delay for the event/movement route to come. It's just a second but I would like to avoid it at all. Is there a way? I got 5 of these on one map, is that too many?
  18. Indinera

    RMMZ Lighting plugin?

    Is there a lighting plugin for MZ, available for commercial games?
  19. Nekohime1989

    RMMZ Community Lighting Plugin Issue

    ...few other maps (out of 15) Do this. All of my maps use the following notetags. <cl: daynight> <addFog 4: 1> No Events on this map. I have lighting enabled on all maps and its set to midnight (same notetags on every map. had to double check. but for 3 maps. no lighting) Solved, it seems...
  20. Orex_


    I like the lighting in Gaia's Melody and would like to put it in my game any of you have an idea how to do that?

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