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  1. 48Tentacles

    If no one IRL supports your work, you need to be tough

    This is a thread that I decided to create with the sole purpose of encouraging every artist, every developer, every person working to be stronger themselves. And this thread is created from the perspective as someone who works better alone and in silence, just to clear that up. I'm sure you...
  2. 48Tentacles

    What does RTP stand for?

    I saw many threads and messages mentioning "RTP this", "RTP that"... I didn't bother to ask before because it wasn't my business to begin with. But then when I started to look for tutorials in Youtube for mapping tips, streams... I saw more mentions of RTP, and I thought "Okay, why is everyone...
  3. 48Tentacles

    48Tentacles's Artwork (Updated 21/APR/2021)

    Hi. Testing, testing. Does this thing work? My name is 48Tentacles, and while I just posted something in my status page, I think there are a few reasons to post things in a specific thread to keep everything compiled and because you do have limits when writing your status, which is...
  4. 48Tentacles

    RMMV [Help, Window Resize] Can you assign a key to change the resolution at 50%?

    I'm aiming for a high resolution in the game (no, not Xbox Juan resolutions), but still I want to give the option to those who aren't fortunate enough to own large resolution monitors. Is there a way to assign a key in the keyboard to...? I won't ask. I'll show: >"Hey, this game window is a...
  5. 48Tentacles

    Deep Rock Galactic: Danger. Darkness. Dwarves.

    TLDR: DEEP ROCK GALACTIC is a co-op-first sci-fi FPS featuring badass space Dwarves, 100% destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters. For Steam, Xbox One and Microsoft store. Imagine Minecraft and Starship Troopers are married and made a...
  6. 48Tentacles

    [Help, Menu creation] How to create a menu with a selection after hitting "New game"?

    In my game I'm planning to make a selection, there are three choices and you have to select one. Depending of your choice a Switch will be activated, starting the game, and depending of the switch it can affect your gameplay quite a bit. Maybe you get a different dialogue in certain moments...
  7. 48Tentacles

    [Stupid question, Skills Database] Why put occasion in "Never"?

    I'm watching tutorials as I found this. You can see in the image the section of skills in the database. I was sort of thinking and say "Why should I put my skill as Never?" I can't think of a reason to do that.
  8. 48Tentacles

    [Looking for Tutorials, MV] Any best tutorials in your experience to build maps from zero?

    Mods, feel free to move this thread because I honestly don't know where to post. Hello everyone. I had experience with maps in my millennial life, and I remember a few games that let you make any map creation mode. The best examples I can think of are Time Splitters 2 and Time Splitters 3. I...
  9. 48Tentacles

    A positive message

    Today we have to talk about positivity. And I don't mean "accept your body as it is", that's a load of nonsense. I'm talking about Positive Energy in terms of psychology, in terms of remembering your best moments, your best friends encouraging you, online random users telling you on how to...
  10. 48Tentacles

    [Help, MV Events] How to make a Fade in or Fade out in an event?

    I think the title says all. Experimenting with here and there I found the need to make additional fade ins and fade outs. Problem is, I don't know where these buttons are in the event window.
  11. 48Tentacles

    [Help, GENE] Where do I store the images to use with GENE? *SOLVED*

    I'm having a problem when it comes to using images and folder directories with GENE. I'm sending you a screen capture. In this image, I click on the grey space I've marked with a green mark. Then a window opens, but there is nothing stored in there, as I marked with a red mark. Where do I...
  12. 48Tentacles

    Suggestion for your project: Classify the comments you receive into folders

    It should be handy if you make a specific folder and do this in the following image: Create a folder and then create various folders in it. Classify and separate the different comments you receive. Make screenshots, archive them if you can, and from that point it's up to you what you do with...
  13. 48Tentacles

    Any worth website hosting services for game development?

    Before I post my artwork here I should have some main page so regular visitors could visit instead of visiting a thread. That way it would be faster than if they are using the search tool. I was thinking in Blogger. I have past experience with it so I wouldn't have any problems. Your thoughts?
  14. 48Tentacles

    Questions on character design (asymmetry and color codes)

    I showed my work offline of one character I've drawn to a very good friend of mine who is an expert on character design and he quickly replied in 30 minutes about how should I do better with a OpenOffice document (of one page, I should say). I followed 75% of his advice because I haven't told...
  15. 48Tentacles

    [Design] I need tips on Character Design

    I was drawing one of the main characters for my game. It's not the first time I've drawn them, so for this drawing I did some improvements and the character looks better... but I have a funny feeling that it still needs some work, and I don't know how to improve. Does anyone here have some tips...
  16. 48Tentacles

    Very situational questions about project names, game titles, names in folders, and changes

    First of all, I am the kind of tentacle that likes to plan ahead, way ahead, and I'm sure there are more experienced users or tentacles who feel the same way when they are starting the project. I felt I wanted to give this disclaimer because of my low amount of messages published in this forum...
  17. 48Tentacles

    What's the process "nwjs"?

    Testing a few games inside the RPG Maker MV I decided to check the Task Manager for technical info, and the process of the game being tested doesn't have the same name as the game. The name of the process is "nwjs", and it shows in my Task Manager with (4) or (5). I'd like to know what it is...
  18. 48Tentacles

    Can you disable the Display Menu?

    I'm thinking of an ending, more like an interactive ending, where you can move your hero around a map through a forest or a street or something resembling a long hallway without going out of the map. You move on until you meet with another character and then the ending happens. During that map...
  19. 48Tentacles

    Do you have 2 Twitter accounts?

    In one line: one personal account and the second one dedicated entirely to your project.
  20. 48Tentacles

    Without any plugin, how to make an event that changes your character's name?

    There are games with prologues that don't show the character's name until 5 minutes later and until then they have some kind of descriptive name, like "readhead" or "blonde boy". Suppose that I have a character named Bob, I don't want to reveal it right away in the start but I want to present...

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