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  1. whtdragon

    whtdragon's underwater tiles for VX/VXA

    Ohsnap I'm posting resources for VX/VXA So awhile ago, I had made a lil' post over in the MV side full of fixes, addons, edits, whatever to expand what was already available in MV. After my post I had several comments and PMs over the course of several months regarding the underwater...
  2. whtdragon

    whtdragon's tilesets addons, fixes and more!

    So I've been debating on doing this for awhile, and I'm still not quite sure how to organize this stuff out, so bare with me while I get things straightened out, but basically I've been working on tilesets for awhile in between animal sprites and other stuff, just kind of looming in the backdrop...
  3. whtdragon

    whtdragon's Joke Weapons (now with regular weapons too!)

    so I wanted to do something for april fool's but I didn't really have anything clever in mind - 3 -; 'cause I've been busy fixing stuff n' whatnots, so I decided I'd release some weapons I've worked on before /o w o/~ Edit: I am now adding more weapons! jokes and otherwise! I realized that...
  4. whtdragon

    whtdragon's clip studio brushes

    I dunno if this is appropriate place to put these apologies in advance u 3 u/ I was looking through my files n' stuff and noticed I still had my zip file full of brushes I've made for clip studio and thought I'd share! When I'm not drawing or spriting or doing something else I actually love...
  5. whtdragon

    Whtdragon's icons

    So took a break from spriting last night and did some drawing/sketches and decided to turn some of them into icons u w u/ because I can also draw too~ plus I noticed that some folks where probably looking for more artsy colorful icons~ I don't know how often I'll expand on these since I still...
  6. whtdragon

    I never made an introduction so; I am whtdragon!

    Hello!  I have been recently discovered through my twitter which is why I am doing this now lol You may know me as the crazy person that made over 50 animals (and counting) in 3 months for RPG maker MV. As you can guess I sprite things. I can also draw! I like making stuff too, everything...
  7. whtdragon

    Color cycling effect plugin

    I'm curious to know if it's possible to create color cycling in MV, and have been looking for something like it for awhile without having to resort to animating things manually. Color cycling is a technique used in older games to shift the color palette of a particular sprite or image and...
  8. whtdragon

    Base sprites emotes and animations

    So I'm noticing around the forums a common trend with people making faces show emotion in avatars and busts, but almost no one is doing that for the character sprites themselves. Inspired by classic RPG games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Super Mario RPG, and even Golden Sun I've decided...
  9. whtdragon

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Christmas comes early this year and I've got one doozy of a present for everyone here. I noticed when looking at the default resources in MV that there was an unusually small amount of animals--a smaller amount then most of the other RPG makers, and that will simply not do. I took a look at...
  10. whtdragon

    Festivals and Celebrations!

    I promised I was gonna do something other then trees so here we go /o w o/~ Party stuff! I made a lot of little stuff but none of it was quite workable as a whole group upload, so what I've decided on doing instead was go for general festivals and celebrations. Since at the time of this post...
  11. whtdragon

    Sloted Gems/ Gem Items

    I was playing around with some stuff when I came up with this pretty nifty way of making gems and thought about how they'd be pretty useful for slotted items like Materia or gem socket based systems for magic and gear. While I did have MV in mind when I made them, they are 32x32 sprites and at...
  12. whtdragon

    Whtdragon's trees recolors

    First time poster long time user of RPG maker, Whtdragon here o3o/ I sometimes like to make edits when I get bored and decided I'd share a recent edit I did for RPG maker MV~ (also apologies in advance if I missed something in the rules that I was supposed to do when posting) I'm a sucker for...

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