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  1. rux

    What is a good encryption software?

    I am soon going to be posting a demo of my game and I want to make sure it's contents are safe, what is a good encryption software that I could use to encrypt my project with? I am also in a very tight budget so if there is a free or cheap software, that would be good.
  2. rux

    Super mario in real life?

    Super mario in real life? Super? Mario? REAL LIFE? So, super mario in real life would be physically impossible, BUT! I have found something that may prove the super mario IS in real life! "How is it possible? he is a fictional character.", while I was searching the web to find my conclusion, I...
  3. rux

    What is the best PC for developing?

    I don't care about LED lights or cool flashy brands but I just want to know what is a good/not as expensive as an entire car Computer. I am saving money to get a PC because my laptop is the worst thing that I can work with. Also I don't mind building a PC so if there are specs that are good to...
  4. rux

    How to set a limit for monsters?

    Hello! I would like to know how to set a limit for how many monsters can attack you in one area, you see, I want to have a balanced fighting system where if you clear out one area you'd be safe there and won't be worried of getting attacked, are there plugins for RPG Maker MV that can help?
  5. rux

    Who here has to watch something while eating?

    Who here cannot eat without being entertained by watching videos or movies? Because I do. Send help.
  6. rux

    New YT Channel For my Game!

    I am currently working on a game, since I want to help it get more attention I created a youtube channel designed on this game. I will post the soundtrack of the game, devlogs and updates. Please help me and support my game developing! Thread will be closed
  7. rux

    Everyone in school in Covid, how is it?

    Everyone here in this thread who is in school, how is school? Got any weird/funny stories that you can tell us? If so then tell us some stories. I have a story. Our Math teacher is hated in a global scale at this point, no one likes her, one of the students decided to blast someone's youtube...
  8. rux

    FREE Brawl To Perish - [LOOKING FOR ARTIST]

    Engine RPG Maker MV My position Story director, artist, map designer, project manager and...
  9. rux

    How to crash the game

    So, I've had this idea to implement on to my game, I would like to add an event where the game closes by itself, making it look like it crashed. Is there a script or plugin that can do that? If so, please share! Thank you!
  10. rux

    Need battle system plugin list

    I have seen many cool battle system's made by the community, but I wanted a full or small list of battle system plugins that I can download/purchase, I've tried a few (yanfly, lmbs), but I want more of them, I just need a few more to see which ones are better and which ones are not. Thank you in...
  11. rux

    Balloon icon size

    Hello everyone! I would just like to know how big the default balloon icons are, I have been looking everywhere and I cannot find anything that could explain it, I just want to be 100% sure on how big balloon icons are and not mess up the measurements, if anyone has info on it, it would be great...
  12. rux

    How to add a cutscene at the title menu

    I need a script or a plugin that can help me change the title menu so it's a cutscene introducing the game. The title screen when you open the game is very bland, If anyone can help me find a plugin or a script that can make the title screen much better, It would be great. **PLEASE UNDERSTAND...
  13. rux

    Problem with tiles

    So I am making a horror game and I am making the art for it, but I need help with these tiles, they are supposed to be roads but for some reason they glitch out whenever I place them. Any help would be awesome!
  14. rux

    How to make Talking Sprites

    I need to know how to make a sprite talk similar to undertale, or if there is a plugin that does that. Thanks in advance.
  15. rux

    I seriously NEED help with battles

    Hello, I keep getting this problem whenever I am trying to do Battle Test or even just run it in play test. A message keeps popping up saying these exact words Script 'Scene_Battle' line 243: NameError occurred. uninitialized constant Scene_Battle::Window_BattleSkill I've literally tried...
  16. rux

    How to make your game more zoomed in

    Hello, I wanted to know how I can make my game more zoomed in than it is, it is too far away from the player, you can barely see any of his features, I've made a custom characters that i've drawn by myself and I was wondering on how I can make my game more zoomed so you can see the character...
  17. rux

    Problem with tiles

    The stone bricks on this picture shows as X (AKA Impassable) but once I test it and walk over it, it becomes passable as if it was the floor, can anyone help me fix this problem? Thanks in advance!

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