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  1. DarkKxng101

    Can Converted/Edited Tile Parts From VX/XP/MV be used in RPG Maker 2003 Engine?

    I have a quick question, I was editing a bunch of 2003 Chipsets with MV/XP/VX tiles that were converted, i just wanted to check if as long as you/I own the makers it's possible to use them regardless of which engine you use them in.
  2. DarkKxng101

    FIRE DREAM Resources

    Found some Old Resources I Know 2003 Users will love!!! A the link will be shared as well to the resources. It may be from the old style, but it still has people using RPG Maker 2000/3. This blog is a little old, has Faces, Charachip, Pictures, and GameOvers good quality and different styles...
  3. DarkKxng101

    Sound System RPG Maker 2003

    Tutorial Beginning Another tutorial found an brought over to be available for all RPG 2003 users!! 1st Step - Creating the "Mother" Event - Let's say that in a forest there is a bonfire, but you don't know how to make the sound of the bonfire lower the volume or increase according to the...
  4. DarkKxng101

    Custom Message System- RPG 2003

    Hello, again guys!!:cutesmile: Its been too long, Just thought I'd drop by and post a tutorial on how to use your custom message boxes In your very own RPG Maker 2003 Games!!:rock-left::guffaw::rock-right:. These are the X and Y numbers to get the Message boxes to different positions. Image...
  5. DarkKxng101

    Message Box Special codes RPG 2000/2003

    Just some basic and common commands for RM2k/3 hope you guys find this useful!! :kaohi:
  6. DarkKxng101

    RPG 2000/2003 Free Resource

    Hey guys dug up a portuguese site with some pretty nice resource for those who use RPG maker 2000/2003, even RPG VX/XP/ACE/MV just translate with google and you'll know where to find everything. Hope this comes in useful to you guys:kaoswt:
  7. DarkKxng101

    RPG 2000/2003 Tutorials

    Hey found a website but it's in Japanese, once you translate it there is a ton of Tutorials on setting up your own Custom Menu Systems, Custom Battle Systems and Custom Title Screens, along with other event and picture related stuff and also how to do them with events as well. Link in spoiler...
  8. DarkKxng101

    Ideal Boss

    What kind of Boss/ Villians do have you always wanted in RPG games but have never seen?
  9. DarkKxng101

    MV Charaset remade into 2k3 style?

    Is it ok to remake and use RPG maker mv or any other maker Characters into 2k3 style like the image below????? Need a response to know what to do?
  10. DarkKxng101

    LPC 16X16 Tilesets

    Hey i'm not sure if this is the right place but i'm requesting if someone can convert these tiles into RPG 2k3 format please. they are from Opengameart.
  11. DarkKxng101


    Hey just wanted to ask if these tiles are rips found them online and not sure whether I can use them or not?
  12. DarkKxng101


    HEY GUYS!! been away for a while still haven't finish my games yet but i was working on some resources i thought i mite want to use but i changed my mind so i decided to share them here instead of letting them go to waste. PS. there not that well edited am still learning. these are the terms...
  13. DarkKxng101

    Eremidia like battler request

    Hey guys been a while but just need some resources and i want to request if anyone can make me some battlers in this style (battlers with there weapons in hand for me i am willing to commision you for this work
  14. DarkKxng101

    RPG 2000&2003 FSM Tileset conversion to VX/Ace

    Name : Darkkxng101:LZSevil: Terms of Use: All tiles are owned by (REFMAP)The First Seed Material Terms of Use does not state any restrictions to redistribution of REFMAP resources or the Material Quest games as long as such actions do not infringe upon laws and regulations in your region and do...
  15. DarkKxng101

    RPG Xp to Vx/VXA converter

    Hey guys got that new laptop and am just wonder if there was any converter to convert xp sprites to VX/ACE. I got a ton of FSM (First Seed material) and some other rpg 2k3 & 2k sprites and tile sets and i edited and converted them into XP format and i was wondering if ill have to edit them...
  16. DarkKxng101

    Nekura's chibi's

    Hey again developers does anyone have any info on whether there are down sprites or effect sprites for these cute little guys here?? If not can i request they be made? or teach me how to edited if your that kind lol
  17. DarkKxng101

    Fsm Characters down sprites

    Hey again ie been searching around and i cant find much behavioral sprites for fsm for VX/ACE i want to know if any were made or if someone to point me in the right direction for those kind of resources?? any behavioral sprites will do and ill also request the terms of use
  18. DarkKxng101

    Does anyone have the fsm rpg vx tiles A1 and A2

    Just asking if anyone has the Nakura auto tiles and the ground tiles for RPG VX/Ace:LZSblush: And any other Nakura tile that can be used Commercially and non-Commercially . and i really love if you could give me the information of whom to credit as well. :LZSooo:

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