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  1. ShellyValeras

    Having Plugin Trouble

    I have the latest version of Yanfly Quest Journal Plugin but it still won't work. It's not showing when i play test and Main Menu Manager keeps giving me a message saying that $gameSystem.isShowQuest() is not a function.. I looked this issue up online to try and fix the issue myself but it the...
  2. ShellyValeras

    How to Merge Two Projects?

    So i wanted to merge a couple of my games in progress but I do not know how to do it. i need the maps and events and dont realy have to worry about the variables and switches as im not sure how to use those to begin with. I need the maps, events, items, and characters but not sure if its as...
  3. ShellyValeras

    RMMV Infinite Realities

    Infinite Realities is a Markiplier Fan Game. This Game is centered around Markiplier, one of my favorite Youtubers, and puts him through a bunch of crazy different worlds and events. With tons of hidden goodies and extra bits for the Player to find I hope that this game will be interesting and...
  4. ShellyValeras

    Yanfly Quest Journal Plugin Help

    so I'm using the Yanfly plugin Quest Journal but i don't know how to make it show the option for the Quests in game. Can anyone help me? Because i dont wanna post these to facebook just to get the images on here.
  5. ShellyValeras

    Could use some help.

    So I've been in a bit of a rut due to my inability to spend money in order to gain Expert Sprites for my game. So I've decided to make my own Sprites. Unfortunately I do not know what Sites or Applications to use. I would be ever so happy if Someone could give me a couple ideas on what to use to...
  6. ShellyValeras

    Sound Help

    I need to know how to make an OGG File. I made the M4A but I don't know how to make an OGG File. Can someone please help me out? Here is the sound File in case you were curious. Had to put it on youtube cause tumblr wouldn't accept my M4A File. XD
  7. ShellyValeras

    Horror Is Awesome

    For my horror game Friends Forever! It's coming together nicely! Here's a couple screenshots!
  8. ShellyValeras

    In need of artistic help

    Okay so I need someone who's REALLY good at spriting. I need a creature as big as the iron golem for the walk sprite. Maybe a couple creepy dolls too. I'll have images shortly of what the creature will look like and the dolls too. If anyone is bored and good at making sprites please! Help me...
  9. ShellyValeras

    Tinting the screen

    I wanna tint my screen so different areas the player can go to have different lighting, but I don't know how to do that without using an auto-run event and that stops the player from doing anything. If you have any ideas please help me!
  10. ShellyValeras

    Markiplier Resources Please!

    Resource Type: Characters, Battlers, Facesets, weapon(warfstash gun), attack animation set (warfstash{both pink and blue}), Tiny Box Tim Character model Maker Format: MV Art Style: I would prefer the original MV art style if possible thank you. Description: I need a Markiplier Character set...
  11. ShellyValeras

    Testing The Waters

    Okay so I been thinking.... "How should I get feedback on my game?" I would like to know how to publish a demo version. This way I can get feed back and figure out if it's any good, if there's any bugs, fix encounters, and stuff like that.
  12. ShellyValeras

    RMMV New Game Idea: Avalon

    So my first game is in the works as I learn how to use RPG Maker MV. It's Fairly difficult with my minimalistic and slightly lazy nature.... that being said my artistic and creative side is strong and this helps me make things that, HOPEFULLY, people will like. So, without further adieu, my...
  13. ShellyValeras

    Fun Value 0

    Well shoot... Looks like it's curtains for me... :kaocry: I got my RPG Maker MV as a free gift from an old friend. After updating it my free stuff is expired. :kaosigh: I can't afford the game and haven't been in contact with that friend in ages... Meaning I can no longer work on my Projects...

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