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  1. Phonantiphon

    VX Ace Edits & Original Stuff

    So anyway, I'm using  - (or trying to use) - a load of either my own stuff, or indeed things that I've edited for my own use from the RTP. I figured I would put some of what I think are the better resources that I've done stuff with\to up on here, for if anyone else could use them. :)...
  2. Phonantiphon

    Random Spawns

    Random Spawns, a contentious subject most of the time - too many? Too few? How, and when... For those of you looking for a masterclass in how to hamstring a really not bad at all JRPG through the use of Spawns, I would bid you look no further than "Asdivine Hearts"... Don't get me wrong...
  3. Phonantiphon

    Event Graphics bigger than 32x32

    Hello, I've been trying to make this work and I can't. Additionally, I can't find an answer to it, so: As you know each tile is 32x32 - if I use a 32x32 event graphic the entire graphic is shown. GREAT, BUT: If I use a, say, 32x64 event graphic, ONLY a 32x32 section of it is shown. The...
  4. Phonantiphon

    Very Simple Question

    Why does this very basic script fail: with this error: All I need to know is how to initialise the variable to stop it from failing. That's all. I'm not new to scripting I am just new to Ruby and I just need to get my head around some of the basics. So, just a nudge - why...
  5. Phonantiphon


      Kell is a farmer's daughter. She lives with her mother and father on a farm in the foothills of the Marressa Peaks. Her life up until her 18 birthday is one of stable consistency; the rhythm of the farm and the beat of the seasons as they change around her have provided her with...
  6. Phonantiphon

    Yanfly's Message System Name Box Help

    Link to script: Hi, I'm using the above script, and it's great BUT, I am trying to make the name box transparent, now there is this setting in the script: NAME_WINDOW_OPACITY  = 255     # Opacity of the name...
  7. Phonantiphon

    Unable To Set Signature Image

    Hi, I'm having a problem where I am trying to post an image to my signature. I'm direct linking it from Imgur, and the image is 262 x 200. I can attach it, but when I click to save the signature, it won't actually save it and it comes back and tells me that I have to abide by the image...
  8. Phonantiphon

    Phon's General Resources

    So I'm not an artist by any means, but I think that I'm creative enough...  :) Anywho, I'm currently developing my own game, and I'm making some of my own resources. In the spirit of working within the forum, I thought I might share some things that I make, in case anyone might like to use...
  9. Phonantiphon

    Play Multiple Sounds

    Hi, (Sorry for loads of questions, it a busy morning...) I have done a search on this and found precisely one post on here and virtually nothing anywhere else. Is there a way to play more than one BGS, SE, whatever, at the same time? I found this: "MCI Audio Player" - but it bugs out...
  10. Phonantiphon

    Fog Graphic Help

    Hi all, I'm using a fog script, and it's actually NOT the script I'm having a problem with because this is a problem have found on the 2 or 3 scripts I've tried. It's not them it's me. Specifically, I've made a fog graphic, in gimp using the renderer on a transparent background. It's 1024...
  11. Phonantiphon

    Message Box Background Resolution

    Hi, Really sorry if this is a repeat, I did do a search honest, but I couldn't find what I needed, soooooo... When I try to create a background for the menus and the message boxes, I take the window.png file and I replace the top left image with [x] image. When I use it ingame it's...
  12. Phonantiphon

    Flame Event Autonomous Movement

    Hi all, Ok, so here is my question: I am trying to make one of the flame events autonomously move, with no success. I get how to make it animate as a flickering flame, and I get how to make NPCs and animals move autonomously - for the life of me though, I cannot get the flame event to BOTH...
  13. Phonantiphon

    Animated Gate

    RESOURCE TYPE : Animated Gate - (tile\event) MAKER FORMAT : VX Ace ART STYLE : VX Ace RTP DESCRIPTION : I'm looking for an animated gate in the style of the pale wood-coloured fencing found in the VX Ace RTP tileset. I completely accept there may already be one but I can't find it...
  14. Phonantiphon

    Hi There

    I couldn't find an Introduce Yourself section so I figured I would say hello here. Long time lurker, fist time poster, I've been using VX Ace Lite for a while and recently, well today, bought the full Ace version. I'm really looking forward to creating some proper games, I write fantasy and I...

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