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  1. Ashouse

    Plugin to permanently tie skills to equipment

    Okay, I've been out of the loop with plugins for bout a year, and they've grown a'many. I'm looking for a plugin that will add a skill when certain equipment is equipped, and remove the skill when unequiped. I have managed to do this through eventing, only problem is, the menu doesn't...
  2. Ashouse

    encryption and compression

    I'm abusing xp graphically, but the project fails to compile and encrypt even just at the audio files. I found an old thread that basically says "just .zip it" but that leaves all the files accessable at unzip. Basically I want to know a user friendly way to setup an instal and encryption system...
  3. Ashouse

    How to change battle font

    I've searched and searched and found no way to change the blocky damage numbers. Changing fonts for everything else was easy, and it's a done deal. I hope this isn't answered somewhere, but if it is please link me to it (and not just close the thread) please. (I said please)
  4. Ashouse

    Any Old Vets Out There Remember GTBS For XP

    I've been having lots of fun playing with it and figured out a lot with the "in script help". When I first got xp, I wouldn't dare mess with something like that. So on to the issue. Due to "antiquated" software, the web has been less than helpful in my dilemma (uh, the current one I mean). I...
  5. Ashouse

    Caterpillar Spacing

    I would like a plugin that allows me to space out the party caterpillar on a particular map. Like you could use a note tag on that map to use the custom spacing. The reason is that I use bigger sprites with modified sizes and things end up looking... A little rude. I also don't want...
  6. Ashouse

    Casting an "ALL" spell but only playing the animation once

    This HAS to have been answered, but I don't know where to look. You know how "Spark" attacks all enemies but only plays the animation once? Well, how do I do that with my own skills and animations? What am I missing?
  7. Ashouse

    Using Holder Style Battlers (for beginners)

    In this tutorial we will be resizing a Holder battler sheet and using a plugin to make it work for MV. Things you will need: The first thing you will need is a Holder battler sheet. You can get a bunch of them all at once here...
  8. Ashouse

    Forum Help?

    I guess I'm missing something... I can't upload a photo to my profile. I choose a png that is 200 or so by 200 or so and nothing happens. I tried a .jpg... just nothing happens. help?
  9. Ashouse

    Help I can't find the update thread

    I'm sorry if I'm just wasting your time here, but I had come across the MV update thread a few days ago and didn't bookmark it. Now I can't seem to find it! It's probably right in front of me somewhere... If someone could direct me, it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Ashouse

    Toggle Plugin from event

    It would be super neat to be able to turn on or off any specific plugin through an event (making it possible to turn on or off an event in game!)!!!! While I don't have a specific use for this yet, a little thinking could yield this idea fruitful. Say you have the perfect plugin that is really...
  11. Ashouse

    Request: Oversized side view Battlers

    Basically, I want a way to make a big animated battler like a giant or a dragon. In the story, for example, the player plays through a portion of the game as a dragon or a giant and not the party. This would work for me if the entire party was replaced by the giant actor, or if the giant actor...

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