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  1. Vox Novus

    Hiatus for Awhile.

    Just wanted to say I'll be away for a bit, at least compared to the usual frequency I'm on the site. I've sort of done this before at times but haven't really announced it. Since I just posted a game thread not too long ago I did want to say I'll still be checking every once in awhile in case of...
  2. Vox Novus

    Recognizing the Villain

    Been awhile since I've made a discussion question, anyway something I was thinking about after watching some gameplay of FF XV. How do you feel about a game where you see a character and right away you know that guy's the villain? Either they just have a really sinister look or in the case of...
  3. Vox Novus

    RMVXA What Lies Within

    Preface This is a little (not so little anymore) project idea I made up for Halloween in 2016 and it ended up becoming a little more than I intended to. This project served two purposes for me. First of which was to try and reignite my passion for game development which had waned in a year that...
  4. Vox Novus

    Favorite Halloween Costume/Memory

    Boo everybody! Tis the season to be spooky. How about sharing your favorite/best Halloween Costume or Halloween moments. The best costume I ever did was probably a Harry Potter costume as a kid. I had the officially licensed Hogwarts Halloween costume cloak and wore worn out cheap jeans with...
  5. Vox Novus

    Timed Blizzard Survival with Touch Encounters

    Tutorial: Timed Blizzard Survival with Touch Based Encounters. Tutorial Purpose: To create an event that simulates the player’s party being exposed to extreme weather conditions in a snowy area and the resulting consequences using a touch based encounter system. My Map...
  6. Vox Novus

    The Beanstalk (Commercial)

    Game Premise and Synopsis:   A reworking of my game made for Gamedevfort’s indie game making contest 2015. The Beanstalk re-tells the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack and Jill with a fantasy rpg spin. Help Jack climb the Beanstalk by battling bean and cloud monsters and use...
  7. Vox Novus

    Why we still love retro

    Retro games are those often from a specific time frame of when those videogames were out, early console games from the NES, Snes, early sega systems and Atari, etc... Retro has become more than just its literal definition though, its become sort of genre of itself. Games like the recently...
  8. Vox Novus

    Vox Novus-MV Stuff

    Resources I've made with MV in mind. Parallax background/Image Message-back (For show picture or with a script that replaces the default windowskin) Windowskin
  9. Vox Novus

    Poor Mechanics in RPGs

    Okay, so like many I've been playing IGMC games about 26 at the time of this post (although not all rpgs as this post is concerned about) and since many have just picked up rpg makers in the recent humble bundle offerings before the contest I thought it would be good to discuss what are poor...
  10. Vox Novus

    [IGMC 2015] The Beanstalk

                                                                      Story/Synopsis:   Jack and his Ma have fallen on hard times as of late, Pa has been gone for a little over a year and the house is starting to go to shambles and they owe collectors gold as well. Ma and Jack have had to sell off...
  11. Vox Novus

    Vox Novus-Cartoon-Battlers and etc...

    Battlers (All can be used Commercially): All Sets: Latest Set: What Lies Within Battlers Screenshot: Windowskins: (Made from Ace windowskin base and...
  12. Vox Novus

    Winter Wonderland-Doors

    This is a stupid question maybe; idk I've only just started experimenting with resource packs outside of the rtp so never really ran into issues like this. Anyway for the Winter Wonderland Tiles I can't figure out how to get the doors (the file labeled winter wonderland animated) to work out...
  13. Vox Novus

    Pirate Ship Tiles-Wall issues

    So after winning the pirate ship tiles pack in a giveaway awhile ago I remapped an area using the pirateship tileset to make a more pirate cove like area. I recently just tested the map itself out today to check for accidental passability errors. Basically I have everything set up like its...
  14. Vox Novus

    Books for Game Development

    I haven't really seen a topic like this so I thought it was worth bringing up especially with so many people coming to this site to start their journey into game development thanks to RPG Maker! I've noticed in browsing Amazon as well as looking in book stores you see a lot of books that can...
  15. Vox Novus

    Rpg Game Length

    Okay so I've been designing a role-playing game with the intent to try and go commercial with it, I have however been designing the game with a specific way in mind; I've been designing the game to be a "micro" role-playing game. By this I mean a role-playing game that goes through all the...

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