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  1. Avery

    Map Madness Round 2, Match A Poll

    Entry 1 has icons by me, though I am not credited^^'
  2. Avery

    Spotlights/Features Resource Spotlight: Ebanyle's Xp Tree Remaster

    Until the spotlight is avaiable, you can already have a look at the MZ conversion I made for those amazing trees: and of course the thread as well...
  3. Avery

    XP Tree Remaster

    Amazing work! While working on the spotlight, I thought it would make your work even more accessible, if there was an Port for MZ, so under the same terms as Ebanyle's here is the sheet:
  4. Avery

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    It's been a while since the emotions tutorial came out, but of course the results are free to use under the usual terms. Learn how to make emotions like these here:
  5. Avery

    Looking for Rabbit Face

    You can use this one as bust or cut a face out: Terms: (but the...
  6. Avery

    Cat Girl Emotions Portraits

    I have a blog article on how to make emotionsets, that might help you to help yourself ;3
  7. Avery

    Looking for Temple Tiles

    I have made a "neutral" temple for MV and there are also matching interior tiles linked there: Your first screen is from Lunarea, they are for VX Ace and were never released. The second is by mack and...
  8. Avery

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    Yep, and he made even more! So far he has Actor 3_1 Actor 3_4 Evil 2 Evil 4 People 3_7 People 3_8
  9. Avery

    [Requesting] MZ Evil_5 SV Actor or Gen Parts

    Vibrato has just released that one:
  10. Avery

    Oh, very nice! Be careful to not blow it up ;D

    Oh, very nice! Be careful to not blow it up ;D
  11. Avery

    Avian/Birdlike Faces/Facesets

    They look mostly like they are somewhat evil/aggressive, but there are the bird people by kingdom of rise and fall:
  12. Avery

    Spotlights/Features Resource Spotlight: whtdragon Trees!

    My confession: I had not seen the content of that thread cause of the title for quite some time xD Had always thought it was "just" recolors and therefore nearly missed one of the best tree selections out there^^'
  13. Avery

    Resize Tileset from 16x16 to MV Style(Photoshop)

    I am confused, as both Graphicsgale and Gimp are free and can do this... Just make sure you resize with the correct settings and done. Of course you will have to set them up the right way to match the tileset format (e.g. turning the waterfall into a charset or multiple autotiles). (reminded me...
  14. Avery

    [RPGMV] Looking for Desert/Arabian-style/Aladdin-style tilesets

    There are some more avaiable: More arabian like tiles: Egypt stuff:
  15. Avery

    Tutorial-Blog RTP and FSM - How to make styles match each other

    That is in fact one reason I wrote this :) I read a lot of "we need desert/snow/xyz" FSM tiles or just generally about people lacking certain things^^ It might not be the perfect solution for everything, but it gives people a much larger range of items to work with! For lava items you can check...
  16. Avery

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    Sometimes I just forget stuff. Like, that when you write a tutorial about a how to make a resource... you have a resource as result (shocking, I know). I wrote a tutorial for the blog about how to make curved cliffs/dungeon walls and the result is a snippet for A5/B/C... you all can implement...
  17. Avery

    Cloak with hood

    Bokou has a hood: The one by ebonfix needs some manual adjustment, but you can make it work: I think hiddeone...
  18. Avery

    Downed pose for one character

    If that tutorial is too difficult to follow, I have one as well: With plenty of options and easy to follow steps (yeah, kinda self advertisement here but I really think it's good :D). I...
  19. Avery

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    No, my icons cannot be used outside of RM games. Some are edits (as the Ace "upscales" or a handful of the Ace icons) or heavily reference MV objects (as some of the designs are very clearly the ones of the MV weapons and so on. Those are very tiny things, but I am rather on the safe side. My...
  20. Avery

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    What a coincidence, as my latest tutorial revolves around forests: My general tips would be: Try to look at the map from a player's perspective, how much do they see? You have dense forest and then giant gaps, try to make some holes in the...

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