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  1. Zeus81

    Bitmap Export

    Bitmap Export by Zeus81 This script for rpg maker xp/vx/vxace allows you to export bitmaps as bmp32 or png32 image files. This is a script for scripters so if you're not too bad but if you are feel free to use it. It's probably the fastest script out there... well, maybe not as fast as those...
  2. Zeus81

    Zeus Lights & Shadows

    Zeus Lights & Shadows by Zeus81   This script allows you to display lights effects and shadows. There are already a lot of scripts to do that, but my goal with this one is to do something different. Thus lights illuminate the night, ie you can set the screen tone to whole black (-255) and lights...
  3. Zeus81


    Fullscreen++ v2.0 by Zeus81 New fullscreen mode that is more smart and make a better use of the screen surface (no black frame). Alt+Enter still uses the old fullscreen mode, to use the new one press F5. You can also press F6 to change the screen ratio, be it in fullscreen or windowed mode...
  4. Zeus81

    Map Effects

    Map Effects by Zeus81   This script allows you to add visual effects to maps (as distortion for example) in real time. It goes over the main in materials as usual and should work in any project. You can also put the instructions below in order to always have them along with. Script...
  5. Zeus81

    Zeus Video Player

    Zeus Video Player by Zeus81 There are already many scripts to play video out there but this one is a little different in that it works in fullscreen too... And have some other features. - No screen flickering. - Doesn't break fullscreen mode, F1 and F12. - Can center or fit to screen videos...
  6. Zeus81

    hello world

    I was wandering in these forums for a while but never introduced so let's do it. I'm a french scripter of 25 years old, I also have some drawing skills but nothing amazing. I love goat chease, coffee ice cream and coca cola. I'm megalomaniac, well that's what they said but I don't think it's...

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