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  1. Punamaagi

    Skill Duration & Player Engagement

    I've been going through my database recently, and I recently started wondering whether skills that last multiple rounds can be considered engaging or interesting. When it comes to skill duration and its relationship with skill effect (damage etc.), I can think of a few skill sub types...
  2. Punamaagi

    Preventing Player Touch events from activating in certain circumstances

    I decided to make on map encounters for my project, which means that I have multiple events on a map which activate on Player Touch and start a battle. However, some time ago I noticed that if the player is standing on the adjacent tile to the event but on a different level, the event will...
  3. Punamaagi

    What makes a good first game?

    As someone who has been toying with various RPG Makers for over a decade yet never finished more than 15-20 minutes' worth of playable material, the question in the title is something that I've been thinking a lot about, especially recently. I have a tendency to aim for the stars with my...
  4. Punamaagi

    Showing variables in the Status menu

    Hi again, forums. I'm making a game with four playable characters, and I'd like to include a simple friendship/"reaction" system in it. Basically, each character has a variable called "X reaction" (where X is the name of the actor) which represents that character's relationship with the main...
  5. Punamaagi

    Forcing an action on actor's turn (using Yanfly's Buff & States Core)

    I'm trying to make "channeled" spells into my game, which would mean that the actor which starts to channel a spell and then automatically casts a spell on their turn for a few rounds. I'm currently trying to make the effect with a state using Yanfly's Buff & States Core, but I have no idea how...
  6. Punamaagi

    Channeled Magic

    Hello, fellow RPG Makers! I am working on a game where one of the main characters is a sorcerer, and I would like to have some - if not - most of the character's spells be channeled. In battle, his skiils would work along these lines: Character selects the spell to cast and its target...

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