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  1. Hudell

    Cyclone Movement for MZ and MV

    Cyclone Movement - MZ and MV by Hudell Introduction This plugin will add additional movement options to your game. Features Pixel Movement. Custom Collision Diagonal Movement Diagonal Pathfinding Terms of Use Free for any kind of game. (License: Apache 2.0). No credits required. Download...
  2. Hudell

    Cyclone Maps - Overlay, Tile Size, Region Names, Region Collision and a lot more

    Cyclone Maps by Hudell Introduction This plugin combines several of my MV plugins into a single one. Features Parallax Mapping Change Tile Size and Tileset Location Region Names Region Common Events Region Collision Disable Auto Shadows Disable Tilemap Change Balloons and Animations Z Index...
  3. Hudell

    Cyclone Map Editor - MZ and MV

    Cyclone Map Editor - MZ and MV by Hudell Introduction This plugin will let you edit your maps while playtesting, it includes even more features than the default MZ editor. Features Basic drawing tools: Pencil, Rectangle, Flood Fill and Eraser. Advanced Shift Mapping Manual and Automatic Layers...
  4. Hudell

    Master Plugin List

    We've updated (the MV plugin master list) to also include a plugin master list for MZ, in a new website called Anyone can submit their own plugins and there are already a few available! RMMZ Master Plugin List If you create a plugin, please head on over and add it...
  5. Hudell

    Fantasy Farming: Orange Season - Now Available on Steam Early Access

    Fantasy Farming: Orange Season - Version 0.2.8 Orange Season is a farm life simulator made with Rpg Maker MV, inspired by games like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and Animal Crossing. I've been working in this project since september of 2014. The project thread has been up since december of...
  6. Hudell

    Issue with custom font

    I had mentioned this in a status update, but I kept getting more reports about the same thing: For my game, I replaced the default rpg maker font with a custom one. It looked good and worked well for me. When I released the demo version of the project, I started getting reports about the game...
  7. Hudell

    Rpg Maker books on Humble Bundle

    The current Humble Book Bundle is selling several Game Development Books, including a book about Rpg Maker Vx Ace, a book about MV and a book about Pixi.js. The pixi one can be acquired for just $1. Here's the link to the bundle if anybody is interested: ...
  8. Hudell

    Orange Overlay

    Use this instead:
  9. Hudell

    OrangeGreenworks - Steam Integration with Achievements and Time Log

    Orange Greenworks 1.0 Hudell Introduction This scripts enables some features of the steamworks API: Features - Achievements. - Detect Player Name, - Detect Player Language. - Get Number of Steam Friends. - Get and Set Steam Stats. - Check, Install and Uninstall...
  10. Hudell

    Orange - NoteTag to Variable/Switches

    Orange - NoteTag to Variable/Switches Hudell Introduction Allow you to automatically change a variable value or a switch everytime a notetag is found on a map or event. How to Use Activate the plugin on your project and configure the params: If you want a single notetag, just set the notetag...
  11. Hudell

    Orange Lighting

    This plugin is no longer supported.
  12. Hudell

    Orange Region Names

    Orange - Region Names 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will let you configure a different name for each region and then display this name every time the player enters the region. Params There's a different param for each possible region value. You can use those params to set the...
  13. Hudell

    Orange Faster Pathfinding

    Orange - Faster Pathfinding 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will make the default pathfinding process faster. How to Use This is a very simple plugin. Just activate it on your plugin manager and you're done. You do not need this plugin if you're using SuperOrangeMovement. Plugin Get it...
  14. Hudell

    Orange Mapshot

    Orange - Mapshots 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will export the map to image files. The images will be created on a Mapshots folder on the same folder where the Game.exe is (When playtesting, that's inside the rpg maker/nwjs-win folder). Only works while playtesting and on...
  15. Hudell

    Orange Screenshot Saver

    Orange Screenshot Saver 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will automatically save screenshots in a "Screenshots" folder inside the game every time the player presses the "printscreen" button. When playtesting, the Screenshots folder will be created inside MV folder: C:\Program Files...
  16. Hudell

    Orange Mouse Data

    Orange - Mouse Data 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will give you access to mouse's X, Y, TileX, TileY and Down Status for both left, middle and right buttons How to Use This is a very simple plugin. Just activate it on your plugin manager and then set the params you want to use. The...
  17. Hudell

    Orange Weather

    Orange Weather 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will add weather effects to your game, using Orange Time System for the flow of time. The weather changes everyday as is decided one day in advance. The strength of the rain / snow / storm will gradually increase and decrease along the day. You...
  18. Hudell

    Orange Day and Night

    Orange Day and Night 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will add a day and night effect to your game, using Orange Time System for the flow of time. Params morningTint: The colors to use for the morning screen tint Default is -34, -17, 10, 68 middayTint: The colors to use for the daylight...
  19. Hudell

    Orange HUD

    Orange HUD HUDell You don't need a new HUD if you got a HUDell. Introduction This plugin will let you add a customizable HUD on your game. HUD Params DefaultFontFace The font face that will be used by default on all lines DefaultFontSize The font size that will be...
  20. Hudell

    Orange Region Collisions

    Orange - Region Collisions 1.1 Hudell Introduction This plugin will let you override the tile passability using regions. Params BlockRegionId Any tile with the region specified on this param will be blocked, regardless of the tile configurations. UnblockRegionId Any tile with the region...

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